There must have been a lot of rain in Chicago, because the slug who imitates a human being, the hate-monger Louis Farrakhan has crawled out from the sewer of venom he resides in to disgorge new sewage upon the American people. This time he blasts Obama for his pressure on Qaddafi, according to this slug, Qaddafi is just a nice guy who takes care of his people. Obama is just trying to please the forces who hate the African and Muslim worlds.

And of course this anti-Holy Man went after his favorite target….the Jooose. He says that Obama gave Israel  a free pass when they targeted civilians in Gaza. Ignoring the fact that Israel didn’t target civilians the Jewish state only attacked after Hamas sent approximately 5,000 rockets targeting Israeli civilians.

But that is typical because this SOB has been inciting hatred against Jews his entire life.  The nicest thing he ever said about the Jews was Judaism is a gutter religion. In recent history,  Farrakhan crawled out from under his rock it to blame  the death of Michael Jackson on the Jews, then , the Jews turned Major Hasan into a killer.

So watch the latest ranting from this dirt-bag, and don’t forget the comic relief, every few moments the camera turns to the puppet of a radio host who’s only role is to smile and nod his head, kind of like a bobble head doll who doesn’t have the cranial capacity to question the repugnant words of this boil upon the earth.  (If you cannot see video below Click Here)

Video Hat Tip Hot Air Pundit