If things smell a bit rancid in your neighborhood this morning, there is nothing to worry about, the neighbor’s dog didn’t soil your door step and no one dumped a dead skunk in your back yard, that might have been preferable to what really happened. You see, in a remote Chicago neighborhood,  loony Louie Farrakhan crawled out of the sewer that ferments his brain to bash the West—again.

America’s number one purveyor of hate is very upset because he lost a friend last week, the man whose name is spelled so many ways,  Libyan tyrant Moammar Gadhafi. Loony Louie made sure to point out that he was not friends with the tyrant just because he gave the Nation of Islam leader eight million big ones, no this was a friendship that touched the soul. They had so much in common, they both hated the west, and they both though that the Jews were the source of all the problems in the world.

“They succeeded in being the authors of the successful assassination of a sitting president,” Farrakhan told WVON-AM in Chicago, adding that it placed America’s interests in danger. “No one can trust the United Nations because it is a pawn of the Western world. No nation will give up their weapons of mass destruction like Gadhafi did, because it is the only protection they have against the wicked witches of the West.” (video of his this segment of his radio appearance is embedded below, if you cannot see it–please click here)

If the Pastor of Putrid Hatred was in his right mind (or had a mind at all) he might have been able to comprehend that the UN is anything but a pawn of the West.

To be honest if Louie talked about the way Gadhafi was killed he would have a point but if he had more than two normal brain cells to rub together he would’ve known the last thing that the NATO coalition wanted was for the tyrant to be dragged out of a hole like a rat, beaten and shot in the head,  that particular garnishment was the choice of the Libyan rebels.  The West would have preferred a trial where Gadhafi’s many murders were put into evidence so they could have public justification of their action

During the interview with a Chicago radio station, Farrakhan laid Gadhafi’s death at the feet of the U.S., Great Britain and France. He talked about his bromance with the tyrant and  said those nations’ establishment of a no-fly zone to stop Gadhafi’s planes and offers of humanitarian relief to the Libyan people were intended to help oust Gadhafi from power and gain access to Libya’s oil wealth.

Yesterday’s statements echoed those made by Louie the Loon made in back in March during his big four-hour “Saviour’s Day” sermon of hate to his Nation of Islam flock. Proving that birds of a feather flock together, Farrakhan defended Gadhafi saying no leader has been loved by 100 percent of his people and said that if Gadhafi is persecuted for crimes against humanity, the same should apply to former President George W. Bush for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. During that speech Louie’s oratory was filled with his customary hate for the United States. He warned the United States that “This is the day of your doom.”

Come to think of it, perhaps one of the reasons the Loon had so much love for Gadhafi is due to Louie’s chosen home Chicago. It’s true that Gadhafi tortured and killed so many of his people, but in Chicago they have a different term for that, “creating new Democratic Party voters.”
Farrakhan also noted yesterday that the people now controlling  Libya are al-Qaida, and they advocating Islamic Sharia law, something that he contends the U.S. has opposed. Actually Louie, Obama only opposes Sharia law if the country is an ally.  Countries that hate us can do what they want. Besides, criticizing al-Qaida is a bit strange for a man who was on Al Jazeera  last year defending al-Qaida and Bin Laden.

What proof have we heard from these wicked deceivers that in fact it was Osama Bin Laden?! As a Muslim, we should force them to show us the proof!

Gadhafi lent the Nation of Islam $3 million in the 70s so they could purchase its South Side of Chicago headquarters, year later he lent the group $5 million so they could pay back taxes and costs for the home of the movement’s former leader Elijah Muhammad.

It wasn’t the money, but the principles that made me his brother,” Farrakhan said during the radio interview.

Farrakhan said America “doesn’t know what it’s gotten itself” into with the Gadhafi overthrow. He said he didn’t believe Gadhafi when he said al-Qaida was involved in efforts to oust him, but now Farrakhan believes that was true (but he still insists that al-Qaida had nothing to do with 9/11).
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