In the internet generation most people have more than one email address using the different emails to segment their life. It is very rare for people to who have both a work and personal email to use work email for personal or personal for work. Career civil servants Lois Lerner (the head of the IRS Division which targeted teaparty groups) are regularly instructed to erect “a serious firewall”  between their personal online life and government business. That’s why the fact that Lerner used her personal email account for IRS business is so suspicious.

Congressional investigators today revealed that IRS Exempt Organizations Director Lois Lerner sent official documents from her government email account to a personal address – raising fears she used the account in secret to conduct part of the IRS’s operation that targeted tea party organizations.

Apparently House Oversight Committee Chairman Issa and Subcommittee on Regulatory Affairs, Stimulus Oversight and Government Spending Chair Jim Jordan were also suspicious, the demanded that Lerner turn over all emails in her personal account that concerned her official duties.

‘Through the course of the investigation, we have learned that you sent documents related to your official duties from your official IRS e-mail account to an e-mail account labeled “Lois Home,”‘ the letter reads.

‘The use of non-official e-mail accounts … also creates
difficulties in fulfilling the IRS’s obligations under the Freedom of
Information Act and other litigation requests,’ the congressmen wrote.
‘Your use of non-official e-mail account also frustrates congressional
oversight obligations.’ 

This raises some serious questions concerning your use of a non-official e-mail account to conduct official business.’

If Lerner used her private email account to execute the attack on teaparty groups trying to gain 501C3 status those emails would not be archived by the federal government a great way to cover her tracks.

This is nothing new for the Obama administration,  a member of the White House’s task force that conducted the 2009 auto
industry bailout used three different email addresses for official
business, including two personal accounts,  and Lisa Jackson used a
secondary government email account with the pseudonym ‘Richard Windsor,’
to carry on official conversations with other EPA staffers.

It will be interesting to see whether/or what Ms Learner was hiding.

Source: Fox News