I have been sitting on this for all day, trying to figure out a nice way to say this but I can’t find one. Chuck Schumer is an embarrassment. I am embarrassed that he is my senator, I am embarrassed that he is a public American Figure, I am embarrassed that he is a public Jewish figure…every time I see him on TV and he starts to open his mouth I cringe. The man does not care about the United States he is 100% partisan. If Elijah the Prophet showed up to announce the coming of the Messiah today (Please God), Schumer would ask Elijah if he was a Democrat or a Republican. And party is only Schumer’s second priority his first priority is Chuck Schumer.

Last night Schumer embarrassed NY again when he had a childish hissy fit on an Airplane, even called the flight attendant a bitch when he was asked to  turn off his phone and comply with FCC rules 

Sen. Chuck Schumer had harsh words for a flight attendant who told him to turn off his phone for takeoff. “Bitch!” the senior senator was overheard Sunday saying to his hand-picked seat-mate Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand after arguing with a flight attendant that he should not have to obey Federal Aviation Administration rules. Schumer’s office later admitted to Politico.com that he said it — but the poll-challenged Gillibrand, who has been strongly backed by Schumer against potential rivals, declined to confirm it and even called his behavior “polite.”

I would love to understand what Gillibrand would call impolite. Of course first I would like to know exactly who she is.  Oh wait she is our other senator.

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The altercation, reported by Politico’s Anne Schroeder Mullins, occurred Sunday on the US Airways shuttle from NY to Washington. Schumer and Gillibrand were chatting on their phones when the captain told people to shut them off, as required under FAA rules. The two senators ignored the captain and kept talking, which prompted a flight attendant to ask them to comply, according to a House Republican aide sitting nearby.Schumer asked if he could finish his conversation and the flight attendant “no,” that the entire plane was waiting for him to wrap up his conversation. Schumer ended his call but launched into an argument with the flight attendant saying that he was entitled to continue talking until the cabin door was closed. The flight attendant pointed out that he is supposed to turn his phone off when told.”He argued with her about the rule,” Politico quotes the aide as saying. “She said she doesn’t make the rules, she just follows them.”

 Maybe the flight attendant didn’t know there were two sets of rule, one for the “common folk” the other for self-centered childish politicians. The rule happens to be the flight attendant is not allowed to close the the door until the phone and  other electronics are turned off. On the other hand how could one expect Schumer to know anything about the law, just because he is an attorney who job is to create law.

When the flight attendant walked away, Schumer turned to his junior senator and called the flight attendant a “bitch.” Schumer office didn’t respond to requests for comment from The Post. His aide, Brian Fallon, told Politico, “The senator made an off-the-cuff comment under his breath that he shouldn’t have made, and he regrets it.

It is not known whether little Chucky Schumer followed up with placing his out stretched hands near his ears saying “Nah nah nah nah.” But judging by the maturity of the NY Senator it was entirely possible. We learned a bit more about Gillibrand’s integrity as she defended Schumer’s use of the word, saying the senior senator was “polite” and that he “turned off his phone when asked to.

Moments later after the flight attendant ordered Schumer’s phone off, it rang again. Unfazed that he had been caught once again disobeying FAA rules, the entitled senator looked at the caller ID and said: “It’s Harry Reid calling. I guess health care will have to wait until we land.”

Little Chucky Schumer is the type of politician that feels he is above the Law.Its hard to understand why an attorney and US Senator would act so childish. Maybe he had a horrible childhood.  Who knows, maybe poor Chucky Schumer was breast feed through falsies or something like that.  Or maybe he has just gotten a bit too big for his pacifier.