Hey, buddy, would you like to buy a watch real cheap
Here on the street
I got six on each arm and two more round my feet
Life is a carnival–believe it or not
Life is a carnival–two bits a shot
–The Band

Sunday Is Carnival Day in Yidwithlid land..thats because two of my favorite Carnivals are Published on Sunday and for some strange reason while reading some of the wonderful posts today–this song came on the radio. For those of you to who are like me, too young to retire and too old to be adopted by Angelina Jolie, you may remember The Band as one of the Greatest Rock Groups EVER. So throw on an old CD and click on one of these Great Carnivals..Because Life is a carnival–believe it or not:

  • Carnival Of The Insanities is at its Usual Home Dr. Pat Sanity’s Blog great posts from people such as Carl at Israel Matzav ,(you will be surprised to learn who is protecting the Pres.) Gateway Pundit tries to imitate Reuters, and Soccer Dad finds the UN in the “Funny Pages”
  • While not an Official Carnival it provides a variety of posts from a variety of sources just like a Carnival–here at Yidwithlid, the finalists have been announced for 2007’s self-hating Jew awards. There are 37 total Nominees in four categories:
    1. Self Hating Jews of 2007-24 Nominees
    2. Not Self Hating—JUST STUPID- 8 Nominees
    3. Self Hating Ex-Jews-2 Nominees
    4. Self Hating Media- 3 Nominees
    Each Nominee has at least one hyper-linked article supporting their case–why they should win in their category. Its an incredibly diverse list–You folks really know your stuff.These links are from blogs across the Blogisphere..so read them all and then make your vote. VOTING INSTRUCTIONS ARE AT THE BOTTOM OF THE Finalists POST Click below to see all the nominees and submit your vote: