My “writing career” began in May 2004 with my first contribution to I soon became a regular at AISH and Jewish World Review, but became frustrated because the former wouldn’t allow me to be political and the latter would take much too long to review my submissions (a post I submitted in October 2005 is still waiting to be posted).

Therefore, on January 23, 2006 (a Monday like this year) “Yid With Lid” was born. My first post was a short one:

Hi All

Forgive me as I have jumped into this blog game kind of late. First let me answer the most obvious question. I am Jewish and I wear a Kippah, hence the name Yid With Lid. There are times when I just feel like ranting and raving and I will just do it here. Hopefully you will find those rants entertaining.

Last night Discovery Channel ran an documentary that featured interviews with the real assassins who went after the Palestinian Terrorists who ran the Olympic Massacre. Once again it show that the Spielberg film is a fraud. Why would the Director who created Shindler’s List make a movie that is blatantly anti-Israel, and worse yet is based on a fraud. That’s right folks, the guy who wrote the book that Spielberg based his movie on claims to have first hand knowledge…he claims to be the head of the Mossad hit squad. Only one problem, he was NEVER IN THE MOSSAD.

So what do you think? Is Spielberg creating a new movie genre? Will his next book be based on Clifford Irving’s fraudulent autobiography of Howard Hughes; Or those Fake Hitler Diaries published in Germany a few years ago?

Pat Robertson says no. The movie Munich was just God’s way of punishing Spielberg for the movie 1941.

What do you think?

In Sept. 2009, the name of the site was changed from “Yidwithlid” to the “The Lid” in recognition of political focus of the blog. That’s also when the masthead changed:

With my first trip to CPAC in February 2010, the pseudonym Sammy Benoit was dropped and I began to use my real name, Jeff Dunetz (O.K. the real, real name is Jeffry but people only use Jeffrey when they are angry at me).

Both as Yidwithlid and The Lid, this site only looked to find the truth while looking to provide a perspective to the news not found elsewhere.

This site successfully led the grass-roots effort to quash President Obama’s nomination of Chas Freeman for Chairman of National Intelligence Council, “broke” the Helen Thomas Rabbi Video, exposed George Soros Support of J Street, exposed the “other” Anthony Weiner scandal (earmarks to campaign contributors), Steve Israel’s donations from an ex-con convicted of selling weapons to Iran, and helped expose Maurice Hinchey’s earmarking of your tax dollars to ad plumbing lines to his investment properties.

God, willing, I will be able to continue providing you dear readers with content worthy of your time.  Every time I work on another post, providing you with something both truthful and worthy is my primary concern.

Thank you for your readership, your “hits” to the tip jar (which is always open) and for your letters and comments which I find an invaluable learning tool!

Here’s to the next 8,799 posts!