Yesterday was what everyone said was the most important mid-term election in history (perhaps a bit hyperbolic but it was very important). So today on the Lid Radio Show we will analyze what the heck happened and what it means for the future. And to join in on the discussion we will welcome my good friend, blogging superstar, political pundit, radio host, and author ….. Ed Morrissey.  

ed-1-300x202After every significant piece of political news, the first place I go is to is  to read what Ed Morrissey has to say. Ed also has a regular column in “The Week,” and has provided commentary in the Washington Post, New York Post, New York Sun, the Washington Times, and other newspapers.

The Ed Morrissey Radio Show can be heard every Tuesday and Thursday at 4PM Eastern at Hot Air or at the Hot Air Facebook page.  Ed often fills in as a guest on Salem Radio Network’s nationally-syndicated shows, and he also fills in at Relevant Radio, the national Catholic talk-radio network (note: non-Catholics are allowed to listen).

Ed Is much more than all the above, Ed Morrissey is one of the most genuinely lovely people I have ever met. He is brilliant about everything (except picking friends as both he and his much classier wife are close friends of mine and of my much better half). 

You can follow Ed on twitter @EdMorrissey on Facebook, and of course, HotAir should be one of the first sites you go to every morning.

As for your host, along with the Lid Radio show every Wednesday. I can be followed on twitter @yidwithlid,  the two “Lid” websites and on\Facebook, and in the Jewish Star newspaper. And If you wish to get the daily Lid Newsletter (it’s free) click on  –>

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