What a show! Today’s Lid Radio Show asked the question “is Chuck Schumer too stupid to know how to wear glasses, or is he too cheap to purchase bifocals? and “Why didn’t Judge Gorsuch kick Al Franken in the teeth? Guest Tami Jackson and I covered those topics along with the California AG covering up for planned parenthood’s crimes, the movement to finally pass the equal rights amendment (and is it necessary), the Russian connection and much, much more.

Today’s Lid Radio Show guest, Tami JacksTamiJacksonNew-e1462191619325-1on is one of my favorite people in the world. She is the Host of her own radio show on the 405 Radio Network, Executive Editor of  BarbWire.com, Editor of  SavingOurFuture.comRightVoiceMedia.com’s Editor-In-Chief ,Social Media/Content/Marketing for Robar Guns, and Social Media Marketing Director for Ride the Thunder Movie.

As a native Oregonian who has seen her beautiful state be overrun by progressives, Tami talks common sense, First Principles and the Constitution…and NEVER apologizes for one word; NEVER apologizes for this exceptional country!

Tami can be followed on Facebook by clicking here, and on twitter @tamij.

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