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Charles Raymond Bouley, Jr. , Karel is a weekend and fill-in radio talk show host for KGO in San Francisco. Bouley is also a columnist for The and a contributing writer for The Huffington Post. His book of essays You Can’t Say That is published by Alyson Press, a LGBT publishing house.

Yesterday Chuckie was hosting his weekly show on KGO when a sound engineer failed to mute his microphone during the top of the hour national news break. During the news break, a reference to Joe the Plumber came up and Karel was clearly heard to be yelling a number of expletives as well as saying “I wish he (Joe the Plumber) was dead”.

Little Chuckie Bouley was also the guy that memorialized President Reagan on his radio show by playing “Ding Dong the witch is dead” and when Tony Snow was first diagnosed with cancer wrote, ““I hear about Tony Snow and say to myself, well, stand up every day, lie to the American people at the behest of your dictator-esque boss and well, how could a cancer not grow in you.”

Read more about what this Animal said yesterday below:

Lib Radio Host Karel Calls For Joe Wurzelbacher’s Death In On-Air Obscenity Laced Tirade By Kerry Picket

H/T to Radio Equalizer’s [1]Brian Maloney who picked up this on-air obscenity laced diatribe from San Francisco KGO radio host Karel, who called for the “death” of Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, AKA “Joe the Plumber.”

“F__G__D__Joe the G__D__M__F__plumber! I want M__F Joe the plumber dead.”

Maloney notes [2] some interesting background information on the San Francisco radio host:

Karel, also known as Charles Karel Bouley, is an evening and weekend host at KGO radio in San Francisco. Based in Los Angeles, Karel is a gay activist who also writes for the Huffington Post website [3]. This latest incident caps a weekend of unhinged behavior by Obama’s supporters, including a call for the death of Mormons campaigning on behalf of Proposition 8 [4]in California and the push for an investigation into the “leak” that Obama’s aunt was an illegal alien facing deportation.

Don’t expect the mainstream media to tell Barack Obama to reign in his supporters, as they still are still looking for the imaginary McCain supporter who yelled out “terrorist” [5] to Obama’s name at a McCain rally.


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