Monday Mornings are a drag…who wants to go back to work? Well why not stay home and go to a carnival instead. Lots of fun carnival reading was posted during the past few days–I enjoyed them immensely and you will too.

Haveil havalim #131 If you are interested in any Jewish related topic from any perspective this is the place to go. You can find superb reading from all of the the Jblog world on topics including Israel, Antisemitism, History, Judaism, Humor and so much more.

Carnival of the Insanities
Fair is Foul Foul is Fair and its all pretty ironic, read some great pieces from Carl at Israel Matzav, and Dave at Soccer Dad (I don’t know how he has the time), and many others (make sure you are not eating while you read Stotting Over’s piece on Senator Clinton’s cleavage you will spit it out through your nose).

Carnival of Satire

If you haven’t read Ricky Henderson’s (yes that one–sort of) Beard watch or the 10 Dream Credit Cards you are doing yourself a disservice. Carnival of Irreverence and Expressive use of the English Language – IIIrd Edition.
Very Funny and VERY irreverent Carnival of Observations on Life August 26, 2007
Its those little truisms about the world that you need somoeone else to point out to you–this carnival does just thatThis is not a carnival just a recommendation, Yael at Boker Tov Boulder is not only one of the nicest bloggers I have met..but she is also one of the best bloggers on the net. If you haven’t read her lately go take a look.See ya’ll later