Not every anti-Israel step the Obama administration takes is reflected by policy.  For every “start negotiations with the 1949 Armistice lines” there is disinformation, a falsification of history spewed out by the administration.  The latest example of this falsification of history was presented tonight by new Defense Secretary Leon Panetta.

On his way to meetings with Israeli and Egyptian officials, Panetta warned that Israel is becoming increasingly isolated in the Middle East, and said Israeli leaders must restart negotiations with the Palestinians and work to restore relations with Egypt and Turkey.

In a blunt assessment made as he was traveling to Israel, Panetta said the ongoing upheaval in the Middle East makes it critical for the Israelis to find ways to communicate with other nations in the region in order to have stability.

“There’s not much question in my mind that they maintain that (military) edge,” Panetta told reporters traveling with him. “But the question you have to ask: Is it enough to maintain a military edge if you’re isolating yourself in the diplomatic arena? Real security can only be achieved by both a strong diplomatic effort as well as a strong effort to project your military strength.”

Panetta followed up by saying Israel risks eroding its own security if it does not reach out to its neighbors.

“It’s pretty clear that at this dramatic time in the Middle East, when there have been so many changes, that it is not a good situation for Israel to become increasingly isolated. And that’s what’s happening,” he said.

If Panetta was interested in the truth rather than just spewing more Obama administration anti-Israel rhetoric he would have mentioned that it was the Palestinian Authority who walked away from talks last October, even after Israeli Prime Minster Netanyahu offered to indefinitely suspend building in Judea and Samaria Communities.

Or if the new Defense Secretary didn’t want to look at facts a year old, maybe he could have mentioned that today Israel accepted the quartet’s proposal to resume talks with the Palestinians but the Palestinians refused until Israel made concessions to stop adding to existing communities and agreed to return to the 1949 Armistice lines. In other words, give us everything we want and maybe we will talk.  The quartet invitation asked for neither concession.

The Obama administration continues to do whatever it can to demonize Israel, when the truth tells a different story, it is the Palestinian Authority who walked away from talks and it is the Palestinian Authority who continues to reject returning to the table.  And why should they.  The United Nations may give them most of what they want without negotiating.

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