OMG, I think this is the most blatant example of the Media’s Obama worship EVER. This morning I went up to my bedroom and found my wife was watching the Today Show as she was getting ready for work.On the TV, I saw Matt Lauer interviewing Senator Obama. I thought I heard Matt ask Obama, “some people have called you the savior, how do you deal with those expectations?” I couldn’t believe my ears, I had to see the transcript. Now that I have read it (see below) It was worse:

OBAMA: I anticipated, and the reason I wanted to run, was because I felt there, there, there was gonna be a transitional moment in America. That we had sort of come to a dead end in, in the economic theories that were governing. In the foreign policy that the Bush administration had taken to its logical and I think unproductive conclusion. So I knew there was gonna be a shift. And that the next president would have to create a new economic approach and a new foreign policy approach. I didn’t expect that the wheels would come off so badly on both fronts. LAUER: This idea that you are, “The One,” Oprah’s words. OBAMA: Or “that one.” LAUER: Yeah, yeah “That one,” John McCain’s words. People have called you “The Savior,” “The Messiah,” “The Messenger of Change.” The expectations have been raised to such a level. Some people say you’re partly responsible because of your confident attitude. If you are, as you just say, lucky enough to be elected the next president are you going to have to consciously manage expectations, during the first several months of your administration? OBAMA: Yes. Even before I’m sworn in. Not in terms of what I think we can accomplish long term but I think it’s very important to understand that we’re not going to reverse all these problems overnight.

Talk about objectivity. The only think Lauer didn’t do is lean over and kiss Obama’s ring. Although I cannot attest to what happened after the cameras stopped rolling.

Here it is on video. Its about minutes ten seconds into it: