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As the Democratic Party-controlled congress and the President continues to dither with messing up the Health Care system and Cap and Trade, The latest Gallup Poll say that America wants the government to concentrate on the Economy, 31% of Americans say the economy is the most important problem in the country (up from up from 26% last month).  When you include related issues such as unemployment and inflation,those citing economic issues has jumped from 51 to 58%:

Unemployment itself is mentioned specifically by 20% of Americans as the most important problem, roughly the same percentage as mention healthcare (22%). Eight percent say “war” in general terms is the top problem, not including the 4% who specifically mention the war in Afghanistan and the 3% who mention the Iraq war. Eight percent also say dissatisfaction with the government is the top issue facing the country.

Economy 58%, Health Care 22% and no mention of the Environment. The scary part is both the Health Care, and Cap & Trade bills will work to depress the economy and kill jobs.

Republicans, Democrats, and independents show a good deal of consensus on the top problems facing the country — the economy in general, unemployment, and healthcare — and there is little notable variation in the percentage of each group naming these problems.

 Of Course this administration is not about fixing the economy…its all about changing the very structure of the economy from a free market to a government run system.

The Full Gallup Report can be seen here

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