Well, we now we know how a California State University professor can get a long paid vacation….just call for the murder of the President and two Republicans for every illegal immigrant who is deported. Associated Press reports that Lars Maischak, the Cal. State Fresno professor who tweeted “To save American democracy, Trump must hang. The sooner and the higher, the better” and, “Justice = The execution of two Republicans for each deported immigrant,” among other disgusting tweets calling for violence, has been placed on paid administrative leave.  According to a university statement, Maischak has taken a voluntary leave of absence for the remainder of the spring semester. In other words the guy has been given a paid vacation until the news about his intolerance dies down.

The University’s President Joseph Castro iissued a statement announcing the paid vacation...I mean administrative leave:

Fresno State and History lecturer Dr. Lars Maischak have agreed upon a voluntary leave of absence for him for the remainder of the spring semester, effective immediately.

The agreement for the paid leave was reached in accordance with provisions in the collective bargaining agreement with the California Faculty Association, the union that represents all faculty. During his leave of absence, Dr. Maischak will no longer have a teaching role, but will be conducting research off campus.

Substitute faculty have been assigned to his five History 11 classes (American History to 1877) for the remainder of the semester so that students’ academic success is ensured.

The University’s review of this important matter continues. No further information can be shared at this time.

Some of the nasty tweets from Maischak’s now deleted twitter account include:

He wasn’t finished, however.  “Has anyone started soliciting money and design drafts for a monument honoring the Trump assassin, yet?” the user wrote in another tweet a few days later, using the hashtag “TheResistance.”

And he advocated murdering Republicans to make up for the deportation of illegal immigrants.

There’s more:

And he’s made it clear he absolutely hates Trump voters:

He’s also advocated banning the GOP:

And he’s compared Trump to Hitler, which is pretty standard liberal stuff these days.

Oh there’s more — lots more. Just recently, he called the Constitution “rotten” and said liberals should reject it:

And he clearly doesn’t like Judge Neil Gorsuch:

He is also not a big fan of Christianity:

This is all from a guy hired to teach our kids history. Future history professors will now know the secret to getting a vacation with pay from Cal. State.