Tzipi Livni has never been more than Condoleezza Rice’s stooge. She has been a leading figure in moves towards a two-state solution that would leave the Palestinians in full control of the West Bank as well as the Gaza Strip. But she wasn’t always a proponent the of the Two State sellout. She grew up in a family schooled in the ideology of the great Zionist leader Ze’ev Jabotinsky, and she has forgotten one of his most important rules:

It is incredible what political simpletons Jews are. They shut their eyes to one of the most elementary rules of life, that you must not “meet halfway” those who do not want to meet you.

–Ze’ev Jabotinsky, The Iron Wall November 4, 1923

With Yesterday’s Kadima Primary “Landslide” Tzipi has the opportunity to put together a government as Israel’s Prime Minister. She has won a narrow victory (>400 votes) in a primary election that had a low turnout. LIVNI DOES NOT HAVE A MANDATE TO LEAD. And she is not a leader. it is time for Israel to have new elections now:

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Pamela at Atlas writes:OLMERTi II: Lily Livered Livni Slithers into Power, no thanks to the Jewish vote This post is hard to write. At a time when global anstisemitism is spreading like AIDS of the soul and the confluence of world events is clearly leading up to a perfect storm against the Jewish people …… Israel has elected Condhimmi’s wait staff. Israel hands reins (and all hope for Israel) over to Olmert II – Tvipi Livni. How frickin depressing. I thought the Jews had a shot when Olmurderer was caught for the umpteenth time in his latest act of corruption and skulduggery. I have written little on recent developments in Israel because I am overwhelmed by the perfidy of Israel leadership and the apathy of the people of Israel. Israel is being served up cold to Islamic jihad. It seemed a divine hand had given the Jewish people the opportunity to oust the treasonous traitor that was selling out the Jewish people to her enemies but that gift was recklessly wasted. *sigh* Why can’t Israel perform the simple task of electing a proud Jew, a a Jew that believes in national sovereignty and the rights of the Jewish people to live on their land. When I interviewed Bat Yeor on this jewicidal phenomena, she lamented, “Israel is unworthy of her ancestors”. Emmis. Livni is more of the same Jewicidal leadership the Jews suffered under Olmert. I saw her speak at AIPAC and prayed this day would never come.
Read more of her powerful post here