It doesn’t seem right, that in America’s second largest city they are going to have a vote whether or not the police department should enforce the law. But that exactly what is going on in Los Angeles, California. An initiative on the ballot for the next election would require the LAPD to identify and deport gang members who are illegal aliens. Some people would say that it is a racist resolution, bit all it is an effort to enforce the law. If it passes look for all hell to break loose:

Law To Deport Illegal Immigrants Makes L.A. Ballot Tue,

Judicial Watch Blog

An initiative requiring a sanctuary city’s police depart meant to identify and deport illegal alien gang members got enough signatures to make next spring’s municipal election. Named after a Los Angeles high school football star (Jamiel Shaw) murdered this year by a previously convicted illegal immigrant gang member, Jamiel’s Law will require the city’s police department to develop a policy to identify, arrest, deport and/or prosecute and imprison gang members who are in the country illegally. The Los Angeles Police Department’s longtime immigration policy is don’t ask don’t tell. Supporters of the law had a short time to gather nearly 80,000 signatures from registered voters in Los Angeles—long an illegal immigrant haven—in order to put Jamiel’s Law on the ballot in the March 2009 municipal election. The signed petitions were given to the city clerk’s office this week, just days before the deadline. Many in the notoriously liberal and pro-immigrant City of Angels were outraged when the gang member murdered the teenage prep football star just one day after completing a jail sentence for a previous felony. Because practically the entire state has a sanctuary policy that protects illegal immigrants, the gang banger was released rather than deported. Had the cops identified the violent gang banger as an illegal immigrant during his numerous encounters with the law, the 17-year-old prep league most valuable player would have gone on to play college football. Instead the star running back was gunned down in March as he walked home from the mall. Several members from the renowned Hispanic 18th Street Gang pulled up in a car and Pedro Espinoza shot the young jock on the sidewalk. Espinoza had just been released from Los Angeles County jail, where he served time for assault with a deadly weapon. If Los Angeles citizens pass Jamiel’s Law, thugs like Espinoza will be deported after completing their sentences instead of freed into society to victimize more innocent people. The Los Angeles Police Department will also have to modify its policy (Special Order 40) preventing officers from inquiring about the immigration status of arrestees. Judicial Watch has sued the department over the illegal mandate.