Through out the world we remember Kristallnach, the night the Nazi’s began the Holocaust in earnest. Its amazing how little has changed in almost seven decades. Arab countries fill their children’s textbooks with anti Jewish Hatred. Islamic Clerics call for the death of Jews. In Germany Anti-Semitism is making a comeback. And much of the world believes that 9/11 was planned by the Jews.

Much of the word has found a more polite way to be anti-semitic. They don’t hate Jews just the Zionists. They use the same anti-Jewish stereotypes against the “Zionists” that the Nazis used.This year the Libel about Jews controlling US Foreign Policy was spread by ex-Jew Bob Novak, ex-President Jimmy Carter, ex-Professor Norman Finkelstein, a Jew who helped the Nazis George Soros, Professors John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt and Congressman Moran.

In Britain British Jews Forced into “Hiding”, In the US 1 out of 7 Hate Jews, Even in NY: Anti-Jewish Hate Crimes Spike in NY City

Hatred came from religious groups such as Society of St. Pius X The Anti-Semitic Hate Group That Pressured Pope for Old Mass , Polish Media Magnate Father” Rydzyk, Louis Farrakhan Bishop Tutu and Al Sharpton.

Perhaps the worst of the recent hatred came from our own. Self-hating Jews who encouraged others to join them in their hatred. People and groups like Muzzelwatch, The NY Times, Haaretz, Jeff Halper, Ken Roth, George Soros and Norman Finkelstein.

Sadly it seems that in the almost seventy years since the night of broken glass, nothing has changed and very little has been learned.

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