Its time to find out whether Shas and Israel Beiteinu were full of of crap or not. Both Parties threatened to pull out of the government if negotiations on core issues began. Well folks, they started today. I am not hearing about any parties leaving the coalition.

Today Bibi Netanyahu blasted both parties:

“The parties in the coalition from the nationalist camp, Shas and Israel Beiteinu, our friends, understand the dangers. I call upon them to reach the necessary conclusions and stop these processes by leaving the government immediately,” Netanyahu said. He added that “these concessions will harm Israel’s security and future, and this lays a grave responsibility on the shoulders of those parties which remain in the coalition.” “Until now the unilateral negotiations were tactical. But from today, [they’re] not tactical, they are strategic and they affect our national security,” he added. “The Olmert government has conceded on the first stage of the road map, which conditioned the start of negotiations on a complete cessation of terror,” he stated, adding that the government would also relinquish half of Jerusalem and withdraw to the 1967 borders. ‘Shas, Israel Beiteinu must quit gov’t’

Its put up or shut up time for these guys. Lets see if they value a few more months in power more than the future of their country. Another politician not keeping promises is Ehud Barak labor chairman who promised to resign when the full Winograd Commission report was released. Now he is “hedging”

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Representatives of the Bereaved Families Forum called on Defense Minister Ehud Barak, on Monday, to leave the government immediately.

Barak, on his side, reiterated that he will “make the final decision after the Winograd report is released.” During a meeting which was held in Jerusalem, the representatives demanded that Barak sign a written statement in which he would commit to resigning from the government after the release of the report. Barak politely refused, saying that he respected their request since he knew “their struggle is not political and is meant to improve the quality of leadership in Israel.”