New Memos released by the House Oversight Committee to the Associated Press reveal what Attorney General Eric Holder thought about DOJ prosecutors who didn’t like the way he was handling the Fast and Furious scandal, the classy DOJ head said those who objected could “kiss my ass.”

Fast and Furious is the name of the scandal where the “geniuses” high up in ATF, the DOJ and  possibly the White House thought it would be a great idea to sell assault weapons to the violent Mexican drug cartels, even if they were used to commit crimes. One of those guns was used to murder US Border Control Agent Brian Terry in December 2014.

House Republicans, who have subpoenaed for thousands of emails and went to federal court for access to the documents, have long promoted the idea that Holder knew that federal agents had engaged in a risky tactic known as “gun-walking.” The Justice Department’s inspector general found no evidence that Holder was aware of the tactic, in which ATF agents tried to track the flow of illegal guns into Mexico but instead lost track of many of the weapons.

In one email from March 2011, after being sent a news story about the Fast and Furious investigation, Holder told staff, “I hope there is another side to the story.” Later, after the ATF deputy director told Holder aides that “we did not allow guns to walk,” Holder responded to staff with, “Do they really, really know?”

That August, Holder was told by staff that a group of U.S. attorneys was upset that the resignation of Dennis Burke, then the U.S. attorney in Arizona, was announced simultaneously with the reassignment of ATF Acting Director Ken Melson.

Holder replied, “Some people can kiss my ass.”

 Stay classy my friend.