Here in the states, one of the most racist phrases is “Not in my neighborhood!” This disgusting practice is used when someone of another ethnic background dares to purchase a house on his or her block. Yesterday King Abdullah of Jordan used that phrase to refer to Palestinians in a speech to Parliament yesterday he said:

“Jordan will not accept an unjust settlement of the issue, nor will Jordan accept any settlement that comes at its expense,” Abdullah told lawmakers, who applauded loudly. The king did not elaborate, but he was referring to Jordanian fears of a settlement that would cause thousands of Palestinians to settle in the kingdom, upsetting the country’s delicate demographic balance. (Ynet)

The King is either suffering from dementia or is a racist. Does he really forget that Jordan IS a Palestinian state? Does he forget that until 1967 the west back of the Jordan River was part of HIS country?

Abdullah is a Racist as is much if his fellow Arab leaders! The only reason there is a “Palestinian Problem” is that his father and the other Arab nations refused to take in the Palestinian “Refugees”. They kept them in “camps” on the boarder so they could not integrate into society and to use the refugee children as a fighting force against Israel. During the same period a slightly higher number of Jews left the Arab countries, they aren’t refugees 60 years later because Israel absorbed them. Hey Abdullah, your dad helped to create this problem…. YOU HELP FIX IT!

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A Great Post on Solomonia-Columbia’s El Haj slanders…but what are her standards?

Once again, we return to Columbia University’s (Barnard College) Nadia Abu El-Haj (see: Who’s Coming Up For Tenure: Nadia Abu el-Haj). This post, like the previous, was prepared with the help of an “anonymous academic” (and stop guessing, I didn’t say what college they work at).

The great archaeologist William Dever has stated that “Barnard should deny Ms. Abu El-Haj tenure,” he said, “not because she’s Palestinian or pro-Palestinian or a leftist, but because her scholarship is faulty, misleading and dangerous.” Her publisher, the University of Chicago Press, immediately came to her defense, posting an excerpt form the book. The excerpt they posted, however, gives little clue to why William Dever has charged Abu El Haj with “demonizing a generation of apolitical Israeli archaeologists.”

I recommend that you read the whole thing here