The supporters of convicted terrorist Brett Kimberlin are showing signs of desperation, perhaps because the walls are closing in on them.  They will be found out and exposed and unlike their methodology, our methods are above-board and legal.

Here’s the latest:

It started with an exclusive from Brooks Bayne. This is a bombshell in the Weinergate SWATting saga. The Trenches was contacted by a source who shared the following email from Neal Rauhauser to Mike Stack and Jay Leiderman with us. Neal Rauhauser stabs his very own Beandog/Twittergate crew in the back by saying that they’re involved in the SWATting of Mike Stack. Et tu, Neal? That’s probably going to make some people very unhappy.

At the Conservatory we learn that Democratic Operative and Kimberlin BFF Rauhauser, who is apparently having a seizure,
contacted an Occupy-linked attorney to try to bring suit, with
Wienergate-linked SWATting victim Mike Stack, against Patrick Frey,
Stacy McCain and others.

Patterico details how these sleazeballs spent yesterday harassing The Liberty Chick, if you don’t follow her you should she is smart, a great writer and very and nice–she  deserves so much better.

Speaking of the walls closing in, this is what I mean -Patterico also discovered
More Evidence of Brett Kimberlin’s Involvement in Nadia Naffe Litigation Against Me

And John Hawkins outlines the entire grab bag of sleazy tricks with  7 Ways Conservative Activists Are Being Harassed By the Left. 

That’s it for today, but the hard work continues.