It was the best of times, it was the worst of times for Aaron Walker (who blogs as Aaron Worthing). Yesterday a Maryland Court granted a stay of Judge Varney’s order that he could not write, tweet, utter the name of Brett Kimberlin. Varney issued the order because the former terrorist bomber (Kimberlin) claimed that Aaron had made threats against Kimberlin (not true) and so had the hundreds of people that blogged and tweeted about the convicted felon on “everybody blog about Brett Kimberlin day.”

For telling the truth abut a criminal, Aaron and his wife lost their jobs, Aaron was thrown in jail and lost his first amendment rights, so yesterday’s stay was cause for celebration for Walker and his family until dinner time when the police officer with the machine gun showed up at his front door— as revenge for his free speech victory, one of Brett Kimberlin’s crew “swatted” Aaron and his family.

I writing when there was a knock at the door. A second knock came and it was very insistent. I went to the door and looked through the peep hole and there was nothing. I said something like, “hello?” and someone firmly said, “open the door!”

I opened up to find two cops hugging the front of the house. They had M4’s as I recognized from video games (see?! They are good for something!) and they later confirmed. They were not pointed at my face like it had been with Patrick. They were pointed at the ground.

I can’t quote them, but they said something to the effect that they got an emergency call. I actually said, “let me guess, someone claimed I shot my wife…?” One officer confirmed it, and I said, “this is a hoax.” I think I even said the word “swatting.”

So someone had tried to make law enforcement falsely think I committed a crime.

I mean again. Let’s not forget the last time someone tried to do that. And again, we know who the culprit was that time: Brett Kimberlin….

…I believe the SWATting started around 5:44 p.m. I say this because the last “opened” tweet in my contacts list was this one and I was checking them pretty often.

Anyway, to the police officers’ credit, they recognized a hoax was a real possibility. I would describe what they did next as just due diligence. They had me stand out in the yard and talk to an officer about who my list of suspects were, in my bare feet and everything, and they swept the house and verified my wife was safe and no one else was in danger. As I became more aware of my surroundings, I saw around 5-6 cop cars at the corner, and a number of officers waiting. No, it wasn’t a SWAT team. One weenie-ish SWATting apologist thinks that if they don’t bring out the SWAT van it doesn’t count, failing to understand that like many slang terms, it is not utterly literal.

My wife came out a bit later and she appeared to be okay and I gave her a hug. She later told me when the officer woke her up, she said, the same phrase, “let me guess, someone called and said my husband shot me…” She says the cop was surprised that she wasn’t surprised…

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This story is so much more than the awful stuff that has happened to Aaron, Patterico, Mandy Nagy (The Liberty Chick), Ali, Stacy McCain or to a lesser extent me. This is all about the first amendment, the search for the truth and the freedom to tell the truth with a bit of big government thrown in for good measure. You see as Stacy McCain has reported many times from his “undisclosed location,” Kimberlin, Neal Rauhauser and their cronies are being supplemented by the government, as they are a “tax-free” charity.

While there has been some movement by the press to report this story, it basically remains a secret, blotted out by the important news such as another Lindsey Lohan car accident or an Octomom porn video.

Despite all the dangers, citizen journalists remain vigilant.  We want nothing more than to expose the truth. As Aaron wrote yesterday:

One of the officers tonight asked me why I keep talking about Brett Kimberlin if it brings on this kind of trouble. It’s because Freedom of Expression is something I don’t just believe in, but I defend. And this threat to Freedom of Expression needs to be defeated. It is that simple.

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