The inmates are out of the asylum again, and now they have a new target.  Brandon Darby who should be considered an American hero for the work he has done with the FBI.

Darby was a liberal activist most of his life. After turning in a Palestinian radical to the FBI for
plotting to filter money to radical groups that were using the money to
fund violence against Israelis, he began work as an FBI informant. As an informant he helped expose and stop an attack at the 2008
GOP convention. Darby joined
forces with the late Andrew Breitbart, Stephen Bannon and many others
for a film called Occupy Unmasked which exposes the radicalism and criminal elements of the Occupy Movement.

In recent weeks, Darby has been paying close attention to the story
surrounding Brett Kimberlin, Neal Rauhauser and the harassment of
conservatives. He agreed to an e-mail interview about the story with Stacy McCain which you can read here. 

As it usually does with the Kimberlin crowd, Darby’s work has raised their ire and he is now the target of their attacks.

From the National Bloggers Club: AUSTIN, TX — Democratic operative and self-proclaimed “hacker” Neal Rauhauser has accused Brandon Darby of “SWATting.” Darby is a political activist and former FBI operative.

Darby has the full support of the National Bloggers Club, an organization that represents hundreds of bloggers and online journalists. The Club will raise funds ( and encourage Darby to use all legal remedies in this clear case of defamation and explore pursuing criminal conspiracy options.

“Convicted domestic terrorist turned left-wing ideologue activist Brett Kimberlin runs two liberal non-profit organizations. His contracted employee, Neal Rauhauser, has accused one of our members of being the perpetrator of these illegal, coordinated attacks. We are standing with our members, many of whom — myself included — have been targeted by supporters of Brett Kimberlin,” said National Bloggers Club President Ali A. Akbar.

Akbar continued, “Darby is being defamed by this dangerous, bizarre fringe activist because he has dared to speak the name “Brett Kimberlin,” is a member of the National Bloggers Club, and associated with Andrew. Andrew associated himself with the Bloggers Club, I’ll associate the Club with Darby any day of the week.”

SWATting is the term used to describe the illegal use of technology to place an untraceable emergency call to falsely report a serious, violent crime. The caller typically gives the emergency dispatcher the address and personal information belonging to the victim, claiming that people in the house have been shot and that the caller is armed inside the home. By protocol, law enforcement then sends armed officers to the scene. Last week, after winning a courtroom victory in Maryland against Kimberlin, blogger Aaron Walker was targeted by a SWATting call that sent police to his Virginia home.

“Thank God no one has been killed as a result of SWATting — yet. I strongly believe the continued use of these tactics will result in a horrible tragedy — which is exactly what the perpetrators want,” said Akbar.