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Today terrorist Imad Mughniyah was buried in Lebanon, “diplomats” from all over the terrorist world (including Iran) attended.

In the twenty four hours since the death of mass murderer and Hezbollah co-founder Mughniyah, everyone seems to be pointing at the Mossad as the ones that pulled off the operation. There have been many news reports that both the United States and Israel are bracing for a major retaliation. The reports are saying it is not a question of if there will be a retaliation–but WHEN.

With the possibility of retaliatory violence, the age old question arises. If the Mossad DID kill the bastard, “is it good for the Jews?” How does it advance Israel’s cause?

Let me suggest that there are at least three clear reasons why this is a good move:

  • The most obvious is dead terrorists don’t kill. Now that Imad Mughniyah is with the 72 ugly virgins, he can’t order more killings.
  • Have you ever had someone sneak into your house and commit a burglary ? More than the loss of physical items is the sense of being violated. That your own home does not provide the safety that you thought it did. If Mughniyah was killed by the Mossad, it means that they ran a covert action in Syria’s capital, Damascus, and escaped undetected. A nation’s capital is its most protected city—hey Bashar you feeling safe?
  • Hezbollah IS pissed, but its leaders have feel a little bit frightened and off their game. To take liberties with General Patton, “the object of terrorism is NOT to die for your cause, it’s to get the low level guys to die for your cause” If they can get Imad Mughniyah, who else can they get. The remaining leaders will be distracted for a little while.

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Folks you put this all together and I must suggest that YES, spreading Imad Mughniyah’s DNA across a Damascus suburb was indeed, “good for the Jews”

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