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Britain´s Transport and General Workers´ Union has called upon its 800,000 members to boycott Israeli-made products based on what they term Israel´s “criminal policies in Palestinian territories.” Beyond the traditional British anti-semitic elements of this boycott it is clear that these British unions ignore the horrors that the Palestinians perpetuate on Israel and Palestinian civilians—especially disgusting is what they do to their own children.

Hamas Kids TV: Fight the Jews and bring Resurrection

by Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook – July 8, 2007

Farfur may be dead, but his message continues. A week after the children’s program Tomorrow’s Pioneers showed the Mickey Mouse lookalike being beaten to death by an actor portraying an Israeli interrogator, the show was back on Hamas’s Al-Aqsa TV. The squeaky-voiced mouse was gone, but Friday’s program continued to preach hatred and praise Shahada – death as a martyr for Allah.

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This week’s messages came from the young viewers, who phoned into the show, expressed their views to the child host, Saraa’ and demonstrated how well they have absorbed the violent lessons of the show and possibly children’s programming. One young caller proclaimed:
“Awake oh children, awake to action, your destiny is one, and it is to become a Shahid [Martyr] for Allah.” Later in the show, a nine-year old girl paraphrased the Hadith (Islamic tradition attributed to Muhammad) that has been broadcast numerous times by Fatah and Hamas religious and educational leaders – that the Hour (of resurrection) is dependent on Muslims’ fighting and killing the Jews. Click to view video on YouTube or PMW website Shahad, 9 years old, on the phone:
Saraa’: What would you like to share with us?
Shahad: The Noble Hadith.
Saraa’: Go on.
Shahad: The Prophet [Muhammad] said: The Hour [Resurrection] will not
take place until you fight the Jews, they will be east of the river and you to the west, and the rock and the tree will say: Oh, Muslim, servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me, come and fight him!
Saraa’: Thank you very much, Shahad.

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