Biden’s Electric vehicle obsession is the death knell for America’s AM radio stations. Major car manufacturers are removing them from new EV cars because they create an electrical sound interference. The manufacturers are doing it despite backlash from everyone, from station owners and first responders to politicians. Killing AM radio is not sitting well, especially for Americans who listen to Conservative talk shows.

Killing AM Radio- and Conservative talk shows with it? 

Automakers including BMW, Volkswagen, Mazda, and Tesla are eliminating AM radios from the latest EVs due to sound interference caused by electric engines, according to the Post. Ford, one of the largest car sellers in the country, is removing AM radios from all its vehicles, both EVs and gas-operated; critics say that this move by automakers will be a fatal blow to a substantial portion of the U.S.’ 4,185 AM stations.

AM radio is a crucial component of how Americans receive news, political discussions, weather emergency coverage and foreign language programming, according to the Post.  Additionally, it will disproportionately impact conservative talk radio as eight out of 10 of America’s most listened-to radio talk shows are conservative, according to data from Talkers, a trade journal focused on the talk radio business. Daily Caller

There you have it. So much for that “free speech” stuff. All the government has to do to get rid of those pesky Conservative radio shows is push an agenda “for the climate” that interferes with an EV radio. The Climate Cult is a scam that is impacting Americans across the country. But so is the government’s political agenda.

We’ve written numerous articles about how EVs are not as environmentally friendly as the government claims, nor does the US have enough power in the electric grid to recharge them all. It’s also true that even the fancy Ford F-150 electric model that claims to power your home for up to 3 days has serious drawbacks unless you order the extra range battery. And those Lithium-ion batteries are a very real hazard. The Biden administration doesn’t care.

No matter the drawbacks, the Biden administration forges ahead with an agenda that destroys the lifestyle of everyone in this nation. How long will we stand for it?


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