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What was that you said about the Islamic terrorists having tolerance for all religions? Here is one of the leaders of the Popular Resistance Committees. His name is Abu Al-Sa’id. According to Palestinian news service Ma’an, Abu is calling for the dissolving the PA, replacing it with a Resistance Authority and then a good old fashioned genocide (oops sorry Turkey am I allowed to say that), too bad Abu’s mom didn’t know what a killer her son turned out to be, otherwise she might have decided keep the stork and throw out the baby.

Gaza – Ma’an News– Prominent leader of the Popular Resistance Committees Abu Al-Sa’id on Wednesday called on the de facto Palestinian government to hasten disbanding the Palestinian Authority and establish a ‘Resistance Authority’ instead in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Speaking during a press conference, Abu Al-Sa’id urged Palestinian resistance factions, particularly the Salah Addin Brigades of the PRC, to “kill Jews everywhere without waiting for permission”, in retaliation for the murder of Muhammad Al-Ashqar and the violent treatment of Palestinian detainees at Ktziot prison.

Spokesperson of the Salah Addin Brigades Abu Mujahid denied intentions to hurt captured Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, saying “Islamic morality states that captives cannot be harmed”.

Abu Mujahid said that any prisoners’ exchange for Shalit has stagnated due to Israeli intransigence.

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