Secretary of State Kerry took his “selling the crap sandwich” show on the road as he sat down with Matt Lauer of the Today show about the P5+1 deal with Iran. When asked he warned Israel against attacking Iran’s nuclear program either via bombing or cyber attack.

“Well I think that would be an enormous mistake. A huge mistake with grave consequences for Israel and the region, and I don’t think it’s necessary”

Kerry started by trying to convince people that because a retired head of ShinBet and the retired head of Mossad like the deal– there is a major division at the Israeli state.  The truth is that every major party in Israel says the agreement is a turkey.

Lauer: Israel hates this deal. They’ve made no bones about that.

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Kerry: Some people do. The former head of Shin Bet believes it’s a good deal, the former head of Mossad believes it’s a good deal.

Not surprisingly Kerry doesn’t mention the former U.S. Generals and CIA directors who are worried the negotiated agreement puts the U.S. in danger.

Lauer: The prime minister doesn’t like the deal.

Kerry: Well the prime minister doesn’t, I understand that. Lots of people in Israel understand this is the best way to proceed in order to roll back Iran’s program and make Israel safer.

Do you think because many in Israel including the prime minister are very uncomfortable with the deal that the it’s now making it more likely than two years ago, for example, that Israel might attempt some unilateral action — military or cyber attack against Iran?

Kerry: Well I think that would be an enormous mistake. A huge mistake with grave consequences for Israel and the region, and I don’t think it’s necessary. The fact is we will have for 15 years a restraint on Iran that absolutely prevents it from developing a weapon. They can’t enrich beyond 3.67%. You can’t make a bomb at 3.67% they will have only 300 kilograms in a stockpile of enriched uranium. You can’t make a bomb with that. They would have inspections on a daily basis the in their facilities.

No mention of what happens if Iran cheats and the US ignores it…you know kind of  like what is happening now.

Lauer: If the Israelis are not convinced and they take action where would it leave us the? Would we support Israel? Would the treaty go up in smoke?

Kerry: If they bombed them, sure Matt. I presume Iran would have a reason to say this is why we need a bomb. And what Iran will decide to do is dig deeper because Israel doesn’t have the ability to stop, nor do we, unless we went to all out war and literally annihilated Iran which I don’t are hear people talking about. So if you proceed with a normal military operation, you are talking about rolling back the program for two to three years. Then what do you do? And if you did that what will Iran’s response be? They are likely to decide now you have proven why we need a bomb and they will dig deeper and go get it. What people forget is this is not something that may happen this the future, Matt. Iran already has enough fissile material for 10 to 12 bombs. They haven’t decided to make it. They haven’t done it yet. We’re rolling it back. That’s what makes the world safer. We have a one-year breakout for ten years, which is eight months more than you have today. So we’ll have more time to respond. I think as people look at this, they will see the alternative is to have no inspectors, not know what Iran is doing. Go back to where they are today with the ability to make a bomb and then you will hear everybody say, oh, we have to bomb then now.

Watch the video of the discussion below: