Shaun King, liberal’s favorite fake black guy reacted to violence in Kenosha Wisconsin by pushing even more violence. And he was allowed to do so on Twitter, which is notorious for banning Conservatives.

Kenosha, Wisconsin erupted on Sunday after a Black man named Jacob Blake was reportedly shot seven times by a police officer. (Fox). The investigation has just started, and few details were available on exactly why deadly force was used. Blake was taken to the hospital, where he is being treated. As of 7pm Monday evening, Blake was alive and stable. And the cops involved were put on administrative leave while an investigation was being completed.

The city erupted in violence, with politicians and BLM supporters like Shaun King pushing the violence in the situation before any evidence was revealed. A curfew was declared over the incident in Kenosha, WI.



He also posted a few minutes later:

This led to a few questions for @jack the head of twitter.

Good question, Rick.

People like Shaun King, and the politicians who promote and perpetuate this narrative are actually making the problem of police shootings worse. Remember: violence begets violence. They are fully aware of it. The more violence they promote, the more tense police become. It’s their way of creating “change” in the system.

It has been said by police officers now that “the job is dead.” Who would want to be a police officer in this environment, especially in major US cities where they have a target on their back at all times? Morale is at an all-time low around the nation. Who will police be able to recruit with these narratives floating around?  Look at this poster:

Kenosha Wisconsin Shaun King

“F***Shit Up.” So are these so-called “protests” organized? Yes. It is an agenda, and every left-wing whack job like Shaun King, Big Tech, and politicians who feed into it are pushing to dismantle America. Pay attention, folks.

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