Despite the fact that the lefty slice of the political has had their Obamessiah “running” the country for a week now, many liberals are still incapacitated, frothing at the mouth because they still suffer from Bush Derangement Syndrome (BDS). Probably the worst case of BDS is that of MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann.

Olbermann still can’t get President Bush out of his head, it is an obsession. He even has a segment on his show called Still Bushed where he gets in a few “last licks” in on the 43rd Commander-in-Chief.

In a recent Still Bushed segment Olbermann “investigates” the case of the former Gitmo detainee, Said Ali al-Shihr, who is now an al-Qaeda leader. In the MSNBC boss’ mind (he runs the place doesn’t he?),  Gitmo turned Said into a terrorist.

“But perhaps the real question is: Since we never tried him, never found him guilty, and the Bush administration set him free, what if he wasn’t a terrorist in the first place but we turned him into one by sending him to Gitmo?” ….

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…After listing the original charges against Shihri, the MSNBC host continued: “Shihri said he had gone to Afghanistan to do relief work, and his trip to Iran, that was to buy carpets for his family’s furniture store in Riyad. So the ultimate question here is not: Doesn’t this prove we can never ever ever never close Gitmo? But rather, if he really was traveling tourists of terrorism and not a guy buying rugs, why did the Bush people let him go? Or, why was he never put on trial? Or, why did the permanent solution to terrorism the Bushies claim Gitmo was fail so utterly here? And, perhaps worst of all, if Shihri was once just a guy trying to get a deal on some carpets, which is suggested by the fact that Bush’s people let him go, did his detention at Gitmo in fact turn him into a terrorist? Did we perhaps create in Said al-Shihri his reason for hating us?”

With his latest rant Olbermann ignored a report that aired on NBC Nighly News

””in a report filed by Jim Miklaszewski. the NBC correspondent began his report: “You know, today we got a grim reminder of one of the real dangers in closing the Guantanamo prison, that once detainees are released, there’s a good chance the U.S. will have to fight them all over again. … Said al-Shihri is not just any terrorist. He’s al-Qaeda’s deputy commander in Yemen. But perhaps more troubling, he’s a former prisoner at Guantanamo Bay. After three years in custody, al-Shihri was considered to no longer be a threat, and in 2007 was released to Saudi Arabia.”

After recounting that Shihri is believe to be responsible for the September embassy bombing, Miklaszewki brought up other cases of former Gitmo detainees taking part in terrorist activities after their release: “Salim al-Ajmi was also released from Guantanamo, but last March in this al-Qaeda video carried out a suicide bombing against Iraqi police in Mosul. … Of the 525 detainees released from Guantanamo, the Pentagon claims 61 of those, nearly 12 percent, are believed to have rejoined al-Qaeda in the fight against the U.S. Some in Congress fear that President Obama ‘s order to close Guantanamo in a year will only provide al-Qaeda with more reinforcements.”  (I wonder if he will get a nasty email from Boss Olbermann)

You see in the Still Bushed deranged mind of Keith Olbermann, during the eight years of the Bush Administration, EVERYTHING the United States did was evil.  Mr. Olbermann is the ultimate bully. No facts are needed, he just makes up the tales of evil deeds as he goes along. 

If you want to read the full story and transcripts of the Olbermann and NBC News report click here Olbermann Suggests Gitmo Inspired Innocent Ex-Detainee to Become Al-Qaeda Leader