Funny how this long-awaited visit to the border came AFTER Trump announced that he would be paying the border a visit. But it is important to note that where she went was ‘safe.’ While she went to the US/Mexico border, she was over 800 miles away from the heart of the Biden border crisis.  Kamala’s border trip

Maybe the reason she has been so hesitant to visit even within a thousand miles from the border crisis was to avoid dealing with an angry reception like the one in this image:

Kamala's border trip

Be a shame if THAT image was permanently tattooed to her brand now, wouldn’t it? The real shame is that most probably,  the angry reception she received will be ignored by the MSM.

Here is the footage the picture above came from… a very ‘energetic’ greeting she got from critics along her arrival route.

Why are they so raucous? Here’s a quote from the GOP page reminding us how badly co-president Kamala has been missing the point about the real problem on the border.

 Harris has used the Northern Triangle as an excuse not to visit the border, claiming she is focused on addressing the crisis’ “root causes.”
However, illegal immigrants are coming from all over the world, not just the Northern Triangle.

In the past few months, illegal immigrants from more than 160 countries have been encountered at the border.

For context, the UN has only 193 member countries.

Over 22 percent of the illegal immigrants apprehended at the border in May arrived from countries other than the Northern Triangle.

Of the 40,067 non-Mexican and non-Central American migrants encountered last month, a significant percentage were Cubans, Haitians, Ecuadorans, Brazilians and citizens of African nations.
Illegal immigrants from India and Asia are flying into Mexico City then heading north in order to take advantage of the “wide openings in the border wall near Yuma.”

Dem Rep. Veronica Escobar, the Congresswoman who introduced Kamala, was very excited to declare El Paso is the ‘new Ellis Island.

Perhaps they should read history books. It was LEGAL immigrants who arrived at Ellis Island.  About 70% of immigrants entered the country through Ellis Island (my grandparents were among the hundreds of thousands who came in via Galveston, Texas)..’

We can’t wait to see how we square that announcement with Kamala’s ‘don’t come’ speech.

Here is Kamala giving some non-answer-answers to media questions about her overdue visit.

How do Kamala’s excuses stack up against what we see about the Norther Triangle from the GOP story cited a little earlier? Do you think even SHE believes her crap? Of course not. She knows that we already HAD an agreement with Mexico — until co-President Joe signed it away with a flick of his pen.

Contrast all of that against the (to put it in language the left can understand) ‘lived experience’ of the overworked law enforcement dealing with this situation.

Ted Cruz made the obvious point of how fake and performative this visit was in terms so stark that even a Blue-State journo could hardly fail to understand it.

Kamala's border trip


Ted Cruz made the obvious point of how fake and performative this visit was in terms so stark that even a Blue-State journo could hardly fail to understand it.

Here is another awkward detail.

Kamala's border trip

One last observation — it is worth noting that El Paso, right on Texas’ Western tip, with a much quieter border situation, has one distinguishing feature that makes it different from Rio Grande Valley—El Paso has a border wall.

How does will the media report on all of this? They will probably glorify her show trip and protect Dementia Joe, but we’ll have to wait and see.

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Kamala’s border trip