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Just got an e-mail from a friend in NY which I wanted to share. If you are not aware, today there are protests in front of Syrian Embassies across the world. The purpose of the protests is to encourage Syria and their Hamas puppets (or is it Hamas and their Syrian Puppets)to free Gilad Shalit NOW

In my friends e-mail, she said:

Just back from the Syrian Embassy in NY:

Lots of people (2-3,000) and Tons of ruach
The most effective speaker was Rabbi Weiss…. he was incredible

Mort Zuckerman was Full of Sh** Talking about the need for a united front against terror (evidently he doesn’t read the paper he owns, the NY Daily News, which is always finding a way to find a moral equivalency between terrorists and the IDF fighting terrorists). Of course I just saw a report on Fox news that called Israel’s Efforts to free Gilad..”the circle of violence”

Then there was the parade of Politicians speaking for 2 seconds to court the Jewish Vote
The only two that belonged there was Assemblyman Silver and Congressman Nadler

Across the street there were 5 Chassids with signs saying that The Talmud says there cant be an Israel. So I went over to them to tell them this wasn’t an Israel rally it was to show support for the family of a kidnapped boy, that THEY should read their Talmud better because they were trying to put a stumbling block in front of us comforting Gilad’s family and praying for his release.

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