Joy Behar comedienne/turned political commentator with her own show on Headline News, so often turns out to be unintentional comic relief. It’s a wonder how someone this ignorant is let out of the house without wearing a helmet. And she is on two different TV shows. What, did everyone else in the world who wanted to be on TV die all of a sudden?

I have been saying for months that one of these days, Joy Behar’s Brain was just going to explode and loose all touch with reality, last night we may have seen signs that her cranium burst was immanent as she displayed evidence that her “think tank” had started leaking and today it Burst.

Today during her  stint on The View Behar and her co-host Caryn Johnson (AKA Whoopie Goldberg walked off the show during an interview with Fox Host, Bill O’ Reilly. O’Reilly’s offense, he dared to say that on 9/11 we were attacked by radical Muslims.

Video Source The Blaze.

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Last night as she was interviewing writer/blogger S.E. Cupp she said that Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann doesn’t like kids. Strong words, especially since the Congresswoman has  five of her own children and 23 foster children. On the other hand, Joy Behar, who really knows how to tell who loves kids has no children.

BEHAR: She is against children, the federal program helped at aiding income kids get health insurance.

CUPP: The fact that she is a conservative, the fact that she does not support gay marriage does not make her anti-woman.

BEHAR: No, but don’t call yourself a mama grizzly when you’re against children.

CUPP: She is not against children, Joy.

BEHAR: Yes she is.

CUPP: She is absolutely not against children. She has children. She stands up for children –

BEHAR: I’m sure they all have health insurance all her children.

CUPP: She thinks policy should – you can disagree with her politics, joy, but let’s not paint her as anti-woman. This is a mistake.
BEHAR: Anti-children.
BEHAR: But she’s anti-children.
CUPP: She is not.

(source Newsbusters)

Sometimes I make fun of Joy Behar, but maybe I am being unfair, after all based on the last 24 hours, it is clear that the woman is either suffering from dementia or some other disease that causes idiocy. I really would try to see things from her point of view but it is impossible for me to stick my head that far up my butt.