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Joy Behar is supposed to be a comedienne, but on The View she is more like unintentional comic relief. It is a wonder how someone this stupid is let out of the house without wearing a helmet…and to be on two different TV shows…what, did everyone else in the world who wanted to be on TV, Die all of a sudden?

Today the village idiot of “the View” announced that she is uncomfortable with the term “Black Friday” because she thought it was a bit racist(if you can’t see video above click here):

GOLDBERG: Oh, hello and welcome to ‘The View.’ Today is Black Friday, all day long,” Goldberg said. “And I’m going to stay black all day because of it.
BEHAR: Isn’t it a little racist to call it Black Friday?
GOLDBERG: Well, I would have called it African American Friday, but that’s taking something away from it.
BEHAR: But there’s a negative connotation to it? Or does it mean something else?
GOLDBERG: No, it’s like when you make all the money – you’re in the black.
BEHAR: So it’s positive?
GOLDBERG: Yeah. It’s in the black, so it’s a huge great thing.
BEHAR: A lot of times, like blackmail is negative, black sheep.
GOLDBERG: Black people.
BEHAR: No, not black people.
GOLDBERG: But it used to be, it used to be.

 Don’t worry Joy, both Clint Black and Jack Black are changing their last names so you wont get confused. Sheeesh !  This is the lady who calls Sarah Palin and Airhead?

H/t Newsbusters

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