Joy Behar comedienne/turned political commentator with her own show on Headline News, so often turns out to be unintentional comic relief, especially on The View. It’s a wonder how someone this ignorant is let out of the house without wearing a helmet. And she is on two different TV shows. The only explanation for that is everybody else in the world who wanted to work on TV suddenly disappeared and Headline News had a rule about dead air (even though it would be preferable) .

Today during her  stint on The View Behar and her co-host Caryn Johnson (AKA Whoopie Goldberg) and the rest of The View team, began to discuss the recent cases of air traffic controllers falling asleep on the job.  The intellectually-challenged Behar decided  the napping controllers were all the fault of Ronald Reagan.  Yes the same Ronald Reagan who has been dead for seven years, who left politics 22 years ago and who fired striking air traffic controllers thirty years ago.

According to Behar

“[Reagan] busted the union, the air controllers’ union. And they probably would have been strict about having two people there, because the main thing about the unions is they want more people to work.” 

Sure, the striking workers were fired thirty years ago, and the federal government has not had enough time to replace them.

It gets better, co-host Caryn Johnson piled on:

“It sort of started with the- Ronald Reagan saying, you know, you guys asking for too much money. He fired everybody. He cleaned them all out.”

The air controllers firing had nothing to do with asking for money and everything to do with the union breaking the law.

When the union (PATCO) went on strike it violated a law that banned strikes by government unions.  Reagan demanded those remaining on strike return to work within 48 hours, otherwise their jobs would be forfeited.  On August 5, following the PATCO workers’ refusal to return to work, Reagan fired the 11,345 striking air traffic controllers who had ignored the order, and banned them from federal service for life. (This ban was later rescinded by President Bill Clinton in 1993).

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Thankfully  Elisabeth Hasselbeck added a voice of reason. But that doesn’t make up for the stupidity of her compatriots.

(H/T Newsbusters)

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