The Kingdom of Jordan is considered by many in the press as a “moderate” state. On any given day you can see King Abdullah the diminutive, talk about how much he wants Israel to make peace with the terrorists and with the other Arab countries.

You what you you don’t see much of in the press are the reports of Abdullah making nicey nicey with the terrorists like this one from Debka a month ago:

Israeli officials and army chiefs were taken aback by an intelligence report summing up two years of research, which exposed Jordan’s King Abdullah, Israel’s partner in peace and the war on terror, as being secretly in league with the Damascus-based radical Khaled Meshaal. A high-placed Israeli source commented: “All these years Israel was guided by the knowledge that Meshaal was sponsored by Damascus and more recently Tehran. We now learn the entire Hamas leadership also enjoyed the patronage of the Hashemite court in Amman. It has been a real shock.

Not only is Abdullah a sneak as described above but he is a bigot, he hates Palestinian Arabs. Here in the states, one of the most racist phrases is “Not in my neighborhood!” This disgusting practice is used when someone of another ethnic background dares to purchase a house on his or her block. This past November Abdullah for all intents and purposes, used that phrase to refer to Palestinians in a speech to the Jordanian Parliament:

“Jordan will not accept an unjust settlement of the issue, nor will Jordan accept any settlement that comes at its expense,” Abdullah told lawmakers, who applauded loudly. The king did not elaborate, but he was referring to Jordanian fears of a settlement that would cause thousands of Palestinians to settle in the kingdom, upsetting the country’s delicate demographic balance. (Ynet)Of course he is trying to do just that to Israel by pushing the Saudi Plan.

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The Palestinians shouldn’t feel too bad about the King’s hatred of his Palestinian brethren. The King of what is supposed to be the Palestinian State of Jordan also isn’t a big fan of Jews and Americans. Just take a look at what appears in the state run press. Read this report from the Intelligence and Terrorism information Center:

Israeli PM Ehud Olmert in a glass full
of blood with the word “ Palestine ”
written on it. To his right is US President
George Bush in a similar pose; the word
“ Iraq ” is written on his glass of blood.
Both are holding small glasses of blood.
The two glasses are on a service tray
carried by a hand which has the words
“the Arab impuissance” written on it
(Ad-Dustour, March 3, 2007). The
cartoon was drawn by Jalal al-Rifa’i, a
Jordanian cartoonist of Palestinian
descent, who frequently publishes
hateful cartoons hostile to Israel
and the Jewish people in the daily

Overview 1. The Jordanian media occasionally publishes
articles and cartoons which combine vicious
messages of hate against Israel with anti-Semitic
and, at times, anti-American themes. The news-
papers in which the cartoons are published are
Ad-Dustour, Al-Arab al-Yawm, and Al-Ra’i.
The Jordanian government, which signed a
peace treaty with Israel , does not put an end
to those publications, which contribute towards
an atmosphere of hate and hostility against
Israel and the Jewish people. 2. On December 19, 2006, the Intelligence
and Terrorism Information Center published
an Information Bulletin titled “The hate
industry: anti-Semitic articles published in
the Jordanian press over the past two months”.
The current Information Bulletin examines
other anti-Semitic articles recently published
in the Jordanian press and presents a selection
of anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli cartoons
published in Jordan in the past year. 3. On April 12, 2007, the independent Jordanian
newspaper Al-Arab al-Yawm published an
article titled “From the Holocaust industry
to terrorism”, dealing with Holocaust denial.
The writer of the article is Muwaffaq Muhaddin,
a pro-Syrian journalist associated with the Jordanian
left wing, who also published anti-Semitic articles in
the past. 1 The article was republished in the same
newspaper on April 16, the date of the Holocaust
Memorial Day in Israel . 4. Citations from the article:
“Not a single country in history was founded
by turning fiction into fact—save for the
country of the Jewish enemy. The beginning
of that country was by making up or creating
the Holocaust. That fiction was what truly
brought about the foundation of that country…”
“There were other massacres perpetrated
against other peoples, worse than those
perpetrated against the Jews. The number of
gypsies killed by the Nazi capitalism is
greater than the number of Jews killed,
not to mention the 20 millions of Russians
killed in World War II…” “The Jews turned their
losses [in World War II] into a different kind of
massacre. They made up the story of death in the
gas chambers, a story which was proven
scientifically false…” “The other thing, that is,
the other invention made up by the Jews, is the
[false] story about Arab and Islamic terrorism,
concurrently with the ever-intensifying argument
after their first fiction was exposed… It is precisely
here that the scent of Jewish kitchens is most evident…
What is important for those kitchens is controlling
public opinion and harnessing it against Arabs and
Muslims…”“The integral relationship between
Zionism and Nazism”
5. On March 9, 2007, the pro-Palestinian
daily Ad-Dustour published an anti-Semitic
article titled “The integral relationship
between Zionism and Nazism”. The article
was written by Rakan al-Majali, a regular
columnist for Ad-Dustour. It should be mentioned
that on the same day, the article was also
published on Jordan Explorer, a Jordanian news
and tourism website. 2 6. Highlights of the article:

a. “The war of eradication and
destruction in Palestine and Lebanon ”
has opened the eyes of the Arabs and of
the entire world, allowing them to understand
“the racist nature of Zionism” and “the
characteristics of Jewish personality”. b. “The Jewish personality” is based on
“resentment, vindictiveness, and non-
recognition of everything not Jewish.”
The author claims to be citing Professor
Israel Shahak, 3 who supposedly said that
“Zionism is the twin brother of Nazism”
and that “Nazism is coursing through the
veins of the Jews, who embraced a racist,
wicked, and resentful culture…” c. The author of the article cites another
columnist named Husni Ayish, 4 according
to whom the Jews’ superiority complex and
their “call to eliminate the others” are the
central components of the Nazi-like Zionist
ideology. He refers to Zionism as “Nazi-
Zionism” and “proves” that, following verses
from the Torah, the Jews have perpetrated
genocides against other peoples. d. The Zionist ideology sanctifies everyone
who is Jewish while any other person and all
those who confront the Jews “are considered
an abomination that must be rooted out”.
The Jews terrorize the Western world, extort
it, and “force it to sanctify everything that
is Jewish”. e. Having made such statements about Jews
and Zionism, the writer of the article praises
the “firm stand” of the “resistance” (i.e.,
Palestinian terrorism), which opposes Zionism.

7. The Jordanian press publishes hateful anti-
Semitic and, at times, anti-American cartoons.
In those cartoons, Israel and the Jews are
portrayed as thirsting for Arab and Palestinian
blood and following in the footsteps of Hitler
and Nazism. Some of the cartoons make use of
the image of the stereotypical Jew and portray
Jews as a snake and a vulture with blood-dripping
talons. 8. Most of the cartoons were created by Jalal
a Jordanian cartoonist of Palestinian
descent. They are published in the pro-Palestinian
daily Ad-Dustour (partly owned by the Jordanian
government). A selection of cartoons

Ehud Olmert drinking blood from a glass while an Israeli plane is dropping ice cubes inside (Jalal al-Rifa’i, Ad-Dustour, June 15, 2006) Ehud Olmert drinking blood with former Israeli PM Ariel Sharon; the caption on the latter’s bloated stomach reads: “Arab blood” (Jalal al-Rifa’i, Ad-Dustour, July 8, 2006)
The American Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, and the Israeli Foreign Minister, Tzipi Livni, depicted as two snakes coiled around the world with the caption “True love” appearing between them; the snake is considered to be a despicable animal and, in many anti-Semitic cartoons, symbolizes Jews (Al-Ghad newspaper, August 30, 2006)
1 See article published in Al-Arab al-Yawm on November 23, 2006, in which he writes that the ideology documented in the Pentateuch must be denounced, since those books are “a series of Nazi, barbaric, and racist guidelines”. For more articles on Holocaust denial published in the Jordanian press, see: an article by Dr. Samir Qumati published in Al-Ra’i on November 14, 2006; an article by Ahmad Dhiban (“The Bomb of the Pope”) published in Al-Ra’i on September 18, 2006. 2 See 3 A professor of chemistry and former member of Matzpen, an Israeli anti-Zionist left-wing movement. He has written anti-Zionist books and articles, some of which have been translated into Arabic. His publications are used by Arab writers to incite against Israel and the Jewish people. 4 Husni Ayish used to work for the Jordanian Education Ministry and wrote books about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. On November 21, 2006, he wrote an anti-Semitic article in the Al-Ra’i newspaper, claiming that the Jews teach their children that, according to the Torah and the Talmud, killing civilians is acceptable and even desirable.