Over the past couple of days a small but potentially highly influential campaign within the Tea Party Movement began to take shape centered around the fearmongering and scare tactics being employed by Democrats, a complicit media, and the White House itself.

Calling out the lies and distortions over the debate on raising the debt ceiling, Tea Party folks, started to gather around aFacebook page as well as a statement page on The Minority Report Blog showing their anger, disgust and disbelief at the nonsense coming out of Washington DC by uploading pictures featuring homemade signs saying “We Know” and other slogans showing solidarity in the message that the August 2, 2011 date given by this administration is not only arbitrary but the apocalyptic language and crisis is 100% manufactured.
This is the “We Know” statement:

We Know

There is no emergency.  For four long years, the federal government has manufactured crises that demanded immediate action.
TARP.  The Auto Bailout. The Omnibus.  The Stimulus.  Financial Reform.  Obamacare.
Bailout after bailout, we, the American people, have believed the federal government when they said that they knew something that we didn’t.  No more.
We now know that the powers in Washington do not possess any secret knowledge.  We know that emergencies will continue to present themselves whenever the government wants to spend more of our money.  The problem is that the federal government spends too much, and not that they don’t tax enough.  We know.
America is not in danger of defaulting on our debt.  The federal government takes in $200 billion per month. The interest on our debt is only $20-$30 billion per month.  We know.
There is no new emergency regarding the debt ceiling.  We will not let you raise it.  $14 trillion is high enough.
The federal government is betting that fear will overwhelm us again, and scare us into more panicked action.  It will not.  Knowledge is fear’s antidote.
August 2nd is an arbitrary deadline for a manufactured crisis.  We will not be fooled again.
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I hope you’ll all join with me in telling Democrats on the hill, the White House, and the complicit national media that “We Know” what their doing – “We Know” this issue inside and out – “We Know” This is a manufactured crisis – “We Know” there will be an economic impact but granny is not going to die and will get her SS check… “We Know” it’s better to stop this addiction to spending and continued hiking of our debt limit rather than suffer worse consequences further down the road… “We Know!”
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Thank you,
Steve Foley