Any parent will tell you if you give into a child’s tantrums  you are in fact conditioning them that kind of behavior is acceptable and effective.

For the past few weeks, North Korean strong man Kim Jong Un has been engaging in childish behavior, whining and screaming that he is about to attack the US, Japan and South Korea. Not that the behavior is new. His father (former strongman Kim Jong-il) did the same thing, threaten and whine until the west gave him direct talks which led to the regime getting money and other economic “toys” from the west.

Today Kim Jong Un got his answer from Secretary of State John Kerry. It was an offer to give the North Korean despot exactly what he wanted–hey let’s have direct talks.

We’re prepared to reach out. But we need the appropriate moment, the
appropriate circumstances,” Mr. Kerry told reporters Sunday night in
Tokyo, discussing the potential for direct diplomacy with Pyongyang.
“There are standards we need to reach to get to negotiations.”

This is another example of Obama’s “leading from behind, by giving them what they want”  foreign policy. Not that the US should be aggravating the situation with threats and provocative actions however, there is plenty of grey area between building up the tensions and rewarding North Korea for its bad behavior.

The way to North Korea’s heart is through China. The Chinese government has long been the sugar daddy of the North providing it food and fuel.

After meetings in Beijing, Mr. Kerry and China’s top foreign policy
official, State Councilor Yang Jiechi, said they would work together to
persuade Pyongyang to return to an international diplomatic process,
called the six-party talks, which has sought unsuccessfully over the
past decade to curtail North Korea’s nuclear program.

The North Koreans withdrew from the talks almost four years ago. and has
conducted two nuclear-weapons tests since then. The talks had included
China, the U.S., South Korea, Russia, Japan and North Korea.

is firmly committed to upholding peace and stability and advancing the
denuclearization process on the Korean peninsula,” Mr. Yang said on
Saturday before a dinner with Mr. Kerry. “We maintain that the issue
should be handled and resolved peacefully through dialogue and

China is not too pleased with North Korea either. 

China’s social media sites have unleashed waves
of satirical jokes, images and names aimed at Mr. Kim, who is often
described in disparaging terms by ordinary Chinese.

China often censors comments on the Internet that run counter to
Communist Party policy or are too critical of foreign policy. The barbs
against Mr. Kim have been left intact.

A common description of Mr. Kim on social media sites is “The Kid.” Another favorite: “Fatty, the Third.”

So which is it Mr. Kerry?  Are you going to give the North Koreans what they want (one on one talks with the United States) or are you going to work through China which has REAL leverage with the North?

I would advise you to choose wisely because right now it looks like you are appeasing their bad behavior and while you are giving in to the North Korean tantrums….Iran is watching.