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John Hawkins is right….we’re Bushwhacked!  Today John posted his annual poll of conservative bloggers asking who they would like and wouldn’t like to see as the next Republican Presidential nominee (the poll is a must read and you can find it here). In his explanation of the results John points out:

In 2008, the least wanted candidates for bloggers were…John McCain and Ron Paul.
In 2012, the least wanted candidates for bloggers were…Mitt Romney and Ron Paul.
So, going by those results, Chris Christie and Jeb Bush would have to
be considered the early favorites for 2016 based on the fact that
conservative bloggers don’t want either of them as a nominee.

Today, Chris Christie announced he will seek re-election as governor of New Jersey,  and according to National Review Online, it looks as though Jeb Bush may be looking to run in 2016

Former Florida governor Jeb Bush met Monday with a group of his former staffers at the J. W. Marriott hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue, just steps from the White House. Bush, a potential 2016 presidential contender, spent an hour in the hotel’s Cannon room, reminiscing and entertaining questions about his political future.

In an interview with NRO, Bush did not rule out a presidential run. “I am here to catch up with folks and promote education reform,” he said, smiling.

When asked again whether he will issue a Sherman-type statement about his future, Bush remained coy. “We have an alumni group that I like keeping in touch with,” he said. “I’m here to focus on educational reform, and that’s what I’m going to tell people.”

Neil Newhouse, Mitt Romney’s campaign pollster, was at the meeting, as were several veteran Florida operatives.

Will there be a third Bush presidency? Even if he could win, I don’t know if this country could afford to follow up eight years of Barack Obama’s progressive presidency with four years of another Bush progressive presidency.

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