You may remember a post the other day talking about some whining being done by Self-hating conservative David Frum. Now the story continues. John has written up Round Two. In one Corner John Hawkins,in the other corner the tag team of David Frum, Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs, Andrew Sullivan, Media Matters funded by George Soros, and of course, David Frum himself, as the Beaver.

Here’s the last paragraph to give you a taste of what it’s like:

Actually, I, like most conservatives, do not advocate group think or demand people rigidly stick to the “company line.” We actually have a simpler request: We just want people who are billed as Republicans and conservatives to actually be on the same side we are. The editorial pages in the newspapers slant liberal. The columnists slant liberal. Even the news in the newspapers slants liberal. Hell, even the TV shows and movies slant liberal. So finally, after all that, you run across a “conservative” in the mainstream media giving an opinion and guess what? He’s been given a platform to speak because he agrees with the liberals. That’s what people like David Frum get paid to do, I’m sick of it, and I’m not doing anything else to reward people like him, including allowing them to get into the Blogads Conservative Hive.

Round 2 is even better than round one, click below for a good read: