I can’t put my finger on it, but there was something strikingly familiar about Speaker of the House John Boehner’s press conference today.

He got up on a platform, struggled and worked hard for only 58 seconds–said uh a lot then it was over.  And when Boehner was all done he was kind of sweaty and he left the room to have a cigarette. When it was over the conservatives who elected the GOP majority that gave him the speaker’s job felt screwed.  Please watch the video of the speakers presser below and let me know why it seems familiar.

And for those conservatives who are worried that Boehner’s class-warfare-advancing Plan B will actually happen…don’t sweat it..this plan will never see the light of day.  Sadly any deal that Boehner and Obama make will probably be significantly worse.

 Republicans should “peel off the war paint” and take the deal he’s offering, Obama said sharply at the White House. He buttressed his case by noting he had won re-election with a call for higher taxes on the wealthy, then he said pointedly that the nation aches for conciliation, not a contest of ideologies, after last week’s mass murder at a Connecticut elementary school.

But he drew a quick retort from Boehner when the White House threatened to veto a fallback bill drafted by House Republicans that would prevent tax increases for all but million-dollar earners. The president will bear responsibility for “the largest tax increase in history” if he makes good on that threat, the Ohio Republican declared.

 Of course the going off the fiscal cliff option isn’t great either.  I believe his concession first/negotiate later strategy has painted the speaker into a corner–and in the end all Americans will be screwed

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