He stumbled on the stairs going up to Air Force One, and he frequently stumbles over words in his speeches, and recent polling by Rasmussen has not been very kind to the aging Delaware politician. Joe Biden shadow president

In a Tuesday Rasmussen survey, only 32 percent of likely voters think Biden is stronger commander-in-chief when compared to recent presidents. At the same time, 43 percent “believe Biden is a weaker commander in chief than most recent presidents.”

While 55 percent of Democrats think Biden is a stronger commander-in-chief, only 12 percent of Republicans agree, Rasmussen disclosed. Twenty-five percent of Independents concur.

However, 75 percent of GOP voters “think Biden is a weaker commander in chief compared to most recent presidents, as do 13% of Democrats and 44% of unaffiliated voters,” Rasmussen said.

More than half (54%) of all voters think Biden is less aggressive than recent presidents “in pushing what is best for America,” while only 24 percent think Biden is more aggressive.

That may not be the worst of it, however. A separate Rasmussen survey found that only 28 percent of likely voters “believe race relations in the United States have gotten better since Biden’s election.” In comparison, 39 percent “believe race relations have gotten worse.

“Just 22% of voters say life for young black Americans gotten better since Biden was elected president,” the Rasmussen report detailed, “while 29% believe life has gotten worse for young black people. Thirty-eight percent (38%) think life for young black Americans is about the same as before Biden’s election. Eleven percent (11%) are not sure.”

The Rasmussen survey added, “While black voters have a higher opinion of Biden than do others, still only 34% of black voters believe U.S. race relations have gotten better since Biden was elected, and just 25% of black voters say life has gotten better for young black Americans since Biden’s election.”

The 78-year-old Biden is heading for a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, a formidable politician. According to the New York Post, Putin “is prepared to press President Biden on the ‘human rights’ of Capitol rioters when they “meet this month in Switzerland.” The world will be watching to see how Biden handles himself.

As noted in a recent news release from the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, “Throughout his political career, Joe Biden has portrayed himself as a tough guy.” Now he’s going to be up against a known “tough guy” on the international stage.

As reported here recently, fully half of the country’s likely voters don’t believe in Biden’s ability to deal with the nation’s rising violent crime problem. Pretend solutions such as more gun control—which only affects law-abiding citizens—will not prevent crime.

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Joe Biden shadow president