Back in 2007 Joe Biden appeared on the Chris Matthews show and said that the president had no constitutional authority to launch an attack without congressional approval against a nation that hadn’t attacked or threatened imminent attack on the United States. Biden argued that doing so is an impeachable offense. Of course back then, the President was George Bush, who did go to congress before he committed troops in Afghanistan and then again in Iraq.

Of course the White House is telling anyone who listens that this is not a war.  I guess $100 Million dollars worth of tomahawk missiles are just an expensive present for Mr Quadaffi.

This is the latest word from the President:

“Qaddafi may try to hunker down and wait it out, even in the face of a no-fly zone, even though his forces have been degraded,” Obama said in an interview with CNN en Espanol. The president reiterated that the coalition does not “have military tools at our disposal in terms of Qaddafi’s leaving,” though he has said it is U.S. policy that Qaddafi should go. 

In other words we don’t know whats going to happen.

There are really two issues going on.  The first and the one SCHMOTUS Joe uses above, is that the President should have consulted with congress before put our heroes into the line of fire in Libya. But former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld may have the explanation:

“I suspect that one of the reasons that the administration didn’t go to Congress is they didn’t know what to ask for,” Rumsfeld told Fox News on Tuesday. “They didn’t know precisely with clarity and sufficient precision what it is they wanted the Congress to approve and the coalition clearly has not come to an agreement as to what their mission is.”

Rumsfeld said that if the allies can’t, as their primary goal, define the mission, then “you are doomed.”

“The mission determines the coalition and the coalition not ought to determine the mission,” Rumsfeld said. “I don’t think they have agreed on a mission and the mission should have been decided before the coalition.”

A destructive mix,  sending US soldiers on a ill-defined mix, and not going through the proper procedures of getting congressional approval.  Its no wonder that the SHMOTUS wants Obama impeached….doesn’t he?