General Jim Jones was named National Security Adviser this morning, another indication that the Obama Administration will be the most Anti-Israel administration since GHW Bush. Jones overall “theology” is that Israels security does NOT Matter.

“…In August, Israel’s leading newspaper, Ha’aretz, reported that [Jones’] draft report [on security in the Palestinian territories] challenged Israel’s conception of its security interests in the West Bank as being overly broad, and that the IDF in particular was too dismissive of the Palestinian security services. The newspaper quoted one IDF officer as saying he expected the report would be “very harsh, and make Israel look very bad.” Steve Rosen, the former director of foreign policy for AIPAC …told me, “In my experience, when you take a ‘deep dive’ into security issues in the territories, you very quickly come to tradeoffs between Israeli security and Palestinian rights. Successful counter-terror preventive and pre-emptive measures require highly intrusive intelligence collection that is onerous for the population of the area under surveillance.

Working for Condi Rice Jones took many swipes at the Jewish State he is also an advocate of Sending NATO troops to the West bank:

General James Jones, to be named as Obama’s National Security Adviser, has advocated putting NATO forces in the West Bank, according to yesterday’s Ha’aretz. “In response to Israel’s claim that the Palestinians cannot be trusted with responsibility for security, Jones, a former NATO commander, proposed a NATO-based international force that would later transfer control to the Palestinians.” Here is my earlier posting about Jones: General James L. Jones is Obama’s preferred candidate to be White House National Security Adviser. He is remembered as a strong proponent of strategic cooperation between the United States and Israel, particularly when he served as Commandant of the Marine Corps. More recently, while serving as Rice’s special envoy for Middle East Security, Jones prepared a report on Israel’s policies in the territories that Ha’aretz described as “extremely critical…scathing…makes Israel look very bad.” The Jerusalem Post said “this document could become a source of friction between Jerusalem and Washington.” The World Tribune said it “blasted Israel’s role” for “hampering the movement of PA forces, blocking plans for weapons shipments and technology to the Palestinians and resisting coordination.” All three reports said that Jones wanted to publish his findings, but the White House decided to keep the reports confidential. Source: MEFORUM

General Jones will be joining the Crew of Susan Rice, Samantha Power, Robert Malley and Hillary Clinton, in following Obama’s lead on destroying Israel.