It was announced this morning that Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) is resigning from the Senate to become the President of the Heritage Foundation.

Heritage’s Board of Trustees unanimously chose DeMint as the organization’s next leader, starting April 3. DeMint will resign from the Senate and start as president-elect in early January, so he and Feulner can ensure a smooth transition. After April, Feulner will continue serving as Chancellor of the Foundation and Chairman of our Asian Studies Center.

Heritage Chairman of the Board Thomas A. Saunders announced the decision to employees this morning:

Jim DeMint has shown that principled conservatism remains a winning political philosophy. His passion for rigorous research, his dedication to the principles of our nation’s founding, and his ability to translate policy ideas into action make him an ideal choice to lead Heritage to even greater success

While this is a great move for DeMint and the Heritage foundation, I can’t help to be disappointed that the Senator will no longer be a member of the upper chamber of congress. DeMint is a true conservative who supported Conservative candidates and shepherded them once they got elected. The so-called DeMint caucus includes such names as Marco Rubio, Pat Toomey, Rand Paul, Mike Lee, and now Ted Cruz. He will be a difficult person to replace (although I have been assured that his replacement will not be Roland Burris).