According to Aaron Klein of WND, President Obama is strongly considering appointing his former Middle East adviser, Daniel Kurtzer, as U.S. ambassador to Syria, according to Syrian diplomatic sources:

Kurtzer, a former U.S. ambassador to Israel, long has been seen in Jerusalem as one of the Jewish state’s greatest foes in Washington. He has been identified by Jewish and Israeli leaders, including prime ministers speaking on the record, as biased against Israel, and is notorious for urging extreme concessions from the Jewish state.

Kurtzer came under fire last summer when he traveled to Damascus where he reportedly urged Syrian officials to fast-track negotiations with Israel aiming at an Israeli withdrawal from the strategic Golan Heights. Kurtzer at the time stressed he was not in Damascus as part of Obama’s campaign but instead was visiting as a private expert attending an international lawyers conference.

When Daniel Kurtzer was part of the George HW Bush’s administration he was known as one of Secretary of State James Baker’s team of “Jew Boys.”— Kurtzer, Dennis Ross, and Aaron Miller. They were Baker’s closest advisers and the designers of the Bush’s policy to reach out to the PLO, appease terrorism and blame Israel for everything. Ross moderated his anti-Israel stance when he was part of the Clinton Administration.

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You remember Jim Baker he was the Secretary of State said, “F**K the Jews, they didn’t vote for us anyway” Baker was also the one who during the first Gulf war told Israel to simply suck it up for the greater good and take Iraq’s Scud attacks without responding.

When Baker ran the state department under the first President Bush, he was famous for his disdain of Israel and tilting American Foreign Policy toward the Palestinians, Kurtzer was one or the architects of that policy.

Baker repeatedly blamed the government of Yitzhak Shamir, rather than intransigence of the Arab world, for the absence of a negotiated settlement. Appearing before the House Foreign Affairs committee in June 1990, Baker listed the phone number of the White House’s switchboard and angrily retorted, in reference to Israel, “When you are serious about peace, call us!” Baker also denounced Israel’s refusal to deal with alleged Palestinian “moderates,” stating, “with such an approach there would never be a dialogue on peace.” Heedless of the political realities, Baker organized a conference on the Arab-Israeli conflict in July of 1991, citing the participation of Egypt, Syria, and Saudi Arabia as evidence that the Arab world truly desired peace – this even as the Palestinians, with the vocal approval of neighboring Arab states, escalated their intifada to unprecedented levels of violence. (FrontPage October 11, 06)

That was the policy orchestrated by the latest member of Barack Obama’s anti-Jew crew. He fits right in But just so you don’t think that Kurtzer is being bashed because he is working for Obama, This is what Joseph Farah said when Kurtzer was slated to be ambassador to Israel by President George W Bush in 2001:

Daniel Kurtzer, now serving as U.S. ambassador to Egypt, was the key figure in the process of formulating the U.S. decision to recognize the Palestine Liberation Organization and Yasser Arafat as the legitimate and sole representatives of the Palestinian people.

During a period of intense terrorism against Israel in 1988, it was Kurtzer, as an official in the State Department, who argued that the U.S. must reach out to the PLO, which he characterized as moving in a “moderate” direction.

That critical change in U.S. policy not only ended in disaster in 1990, when the first Bush administration broke off dealings with Arafat because of continued terrorist activity, it also set the stage for failed efforts during the Clinton administration to hand over much of Jerusalem, including the Temple Mount, to the Palestinian Authority.

…..Though he is an Orthodox Jew, Kurtzer has a long-standing antipathy toward Israel. In his 1976 Ph.D. dissertation at Columbia University, Kurtzer blamed Israeli responses to terrorist strikes for “the radicalization of those Palestinians to violence.” Interestingly, Kurtzer never characterized as “terrorists” those who carried out massacres of civilians. In his thesis, they were called “guerrillas.”

Kurtzer, perhaps more than any other diplomatic policymaker of the last 12 years, is responsible for the new U.S. “even-handedness” in Middle East affairs. To Kurtzer, there are no aggressors in the Middle East and no victims. The two sides are equally to blame for the conflict.

Further, he accepts a false premise — that the Palestinian problem is the core of the conflict in the Middle East, rather than a much-manipulated symbol to ensure Israelis are forever perceived as aggressors and the Arabs as aggrieved.

…….Probably more than any other State Department official, Kurtzer has been instrumental in promoting the goals of the Palestinians and in raising their grievances to the center of the U.S. policymaking agenda. It was Kurtzer who, as a speechwriter for former Secretary of State James Baker, coined the term “land for peace.”

Kurtzer has never been a popular figure in Israel. Former Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir referred to Kurtzer and two colleagues as “Baker’s little Jews.” Though, today, officials in Jerusalem are being careful about making any comments that might be perceived as interference in U.S. foreign policy decisions.

The Presidency of George HW Bush was arguably the most anti-Israel in history, Kurtzer was a part of the team that formed that anti-Israel policy. Now Kurtzer is being sent back to the Middle East by the Administration that it trying to Top that presidency in harming Israel.