One of these days I am going to feel sorry for Jim Acosta, but I am not there yet.  Very few people in the administration like or respect him. He is considered by most people I know  (including liberals) as the most unprofessional member of the White House press corps. And as if to prove it today he tweeted something petty about Kanye West’s visit to the White House, and he was practically disemboweled on twitter.

Apparently, Kanye West said a naughty word in the oval office and Acosta felt obligated to report it:


Acosta wasn’t even there he was told by the pool reporter, It’s Kanye West, he says “motherf***er” everywhere. Kanye was there to raise awareness for issues relevant to the Black Community,  And if you read the transcript he made some intelligent points, but the only thing Acosta got out of it was Kanye used a bad word.  And deservedly the CNN crybaby was ridiculed:



And referring to Brooke Baldwin’s aversion to the use of the word “mob:”

There’s plenty more where those came from. I wonder if Jim Acosta realizes that in his case those comments were personal. It’s not like he made a one-time faux pas, I would submit that if someone else tweeted out what Kanye West said the reaction wouldn’t have been as fierce. But as Sally Feilds might say, “they hate you, they really hate you.”

One of these days I am going to feel sorry for Jim Acosta, but I am not even close to being there yet.