Apparently the UJC is PISSED and they are going to try to pressure the Jewish Week, about a story written in this week’s edition. Last Thursday, many bloggers covered this story reported by the NY Jewish week that funds donated to the UJC to help war victims in northern Israel was given to Israeli Arabs as well as Jews. See

Apparently up to 10 percent of the funds went to Arabs (the UJC says it was 3% but the based their percentage on funds that were pledged vs. what was collected and distributed)

The issue is not the way the funds were distributed but whether the UJC should have been candid about their distribution plans upfront. Apparently they think not. I just heard from one of my contacts within the UJC org that they are livid that the Jewish Week reported the story. In fact that they have a meeting with the head of the Jewish Week Gary Rosenblatt tomorrow, to tell him what they think of the paper’s honesty. Word is that they won’t even allow the article’s reporter in the meeting.

I think that it’s important for the UJC to be open with the Jewish Community, thank goodness that papers such as the Jewish Week risk UJC anger to lay out the facts for us. Let’s support the Jewish Week for telling the truth. Gary Rosenblatt’s email is [email protected] please send him an email to give him support.