At least we know where Barack Obama gets it from. The President has a nasty habit of blaming things on everyone except for himself. During the campaign he always found a campaign worker to blame to cover up his lies (unless of course he was blaming President Bush or his Grandma).  Obama’s former mentor Jeremiah Wright does the same thing.

Yesterday he spoke at Jackson State University and blamed his troubles during the Obama campaign on Fox News and racism and the efforts to stop Obamacare on fox news and Hatred of minorities and the poor (at least he mixes it up once and a while).

Asked if he regretted any of his controversial sermons Wright said, “I haven’t been apart of any controversy, number one. Fox News bought 4-thousand dollars worth of tapes 20-years to go back to see what Obama had been listening to. Those sermons that they aired and news clips that the nation saw were 5-years old and 7-years-old, so that was not part of the presidential campaign. The media made the controversy; not Jeremiah Wright.” 

 Ah you see, it wasn’t Jeremiah Wright who said “God Damn America” it was Fox News.

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And on the name calling and anger over the health care law, Wright said, “’s all part of that kind of hatred that runs in the country for people of color and for the poor. In fact, the whole compromise; it took the public option off the table in terms of the health care bill shows you the power of the rich and the wealthy in this country to continue to ignore the poor.

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