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Jeremiah Wright is still steaming mad at being dumped by his former student, President Obama.  In a letter dated Feb. 18 to Joseph Prischak, the president of Africa 6000 International in Erie, Pa., Wright complains (see copy of letter at the bottom of this post), “No one in the Obama administration will respond to me, listen to me, talk to me or read anything that I write to them. I am ‘toxic’ in terms of the Obama administration,”

Prischak had contacted Wright seeking the President’s former mentor’s help in reaching out to the U.S. Treasury Department. He said that Uday Hussein, the son of Saddam Hussein, had entrusted 87 million British pounds in 1990 to  Arthur Morrison and Ali to buy pharmaceuticals, milk and food for the children of Iraq. Morrison, a buisness partner of Prischak has been in jail for almost 18 years for making a number of threats of physical harm to hospitals where his ex-girlfriend worked and other institutions.

I am assuming that the funds are frozen because their original source was the Uday Hussein. Prischak said the money was never spent because Morrison was imprisoned. He wanted Wright’s help in lobbying the treasury to allow 25 million British pounds in interest from the money held in an overseas account to be sent to faith-based groups for the children of Haiti.

In this letter Wright, for the first time, bashes Obama for what he sees as an abandonment of the man who brought the future President to Christianity. In his response to Prischak, whose charity raises money for African relief. Wright said that he would try but that  his pleas to release frozen funds for use in earthquake-ravaged Haiti would likely be ignored.

“I am ‘radioactive,’ Sir. When Obama threw me under the bus, he threw me under the bus literally!” he wrote. “Any advice that I offer is going to be taken as something to be avoided. Please understand that!”

During the Campaign  Obama cut ties with Wright when his nastiest sermons began to be Circulated. Although the President was a member of his Church for 20 years, Obama claims that he never heard one of his divisive sermons. At a National Press Club appearance in April 2008, Wright claimed the U.S. government could plant AIDS in the black community, praised Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan and suggested Obama was putting his pastor at arm’s length for political purposes while privately agreeing with him.

The letter embedded below shows Wright is still upset at being dumped for political reasons. (Source NY Daily News).

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